Coming to you live from @doctorapa’s office. Best in the game! Excited about what he’s doing to my smile 🤩 - 💽Ceejay The Dj💽 (@chanteljeffries)
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Becky (@becca_wilson92)
becca_wilson9214.03.2019 15:46:47

That’s the problem with social media. If you have something that’s already perfect, like Chantel’s smile, it’ll make you want to make it even more perfect. Sometimes that’s not even possible but social media tricks us into thinking we need everything to be flawless so we get all this work done when we don’t need it. Messes with our head

🐨 Oliver Heldens 🕺🏻 (@oliverheldens)
oliverheldens14.03.2019 19:36:31

Smile > smile

Andrew Avenia (@andrew.avenia)
andrew.avenia15.03.2019 00:50:58

wow. @botcommentliker  @haqnii  @yogi.mp4  @2krafi 

Vess🦅 (@vesements)
vesements14.03.2019 15:53:06

PLEASE don’t get the giant celebrity horse teeth

Jimmy The Misfit 🚶‍♂️ (@jimaclown)
jimaclown14.03.2019 15:47:03

Y’all know she my wife she jus don’t know it 🤫

N R P (@misscolombia0815)
misscolombia081514.03.2019 15:44:47

Why ?? you already have a perfect smile. Save it for when your 70 and loosing all your teeth

rahulmiah.__14.03.2019 15:42:49

Those airforces are creased

Livai😼🔥 (@livaiesajas)
livaiesajas14.03.2019 15:44:48

Wow lil too close😨

Amirah Ibrahim ♡ (@amirahpaynee)
amirahpaynee14.03.2019 17:59:57

Damn girl u getting hella skinny

Stef🦋☀️🌻🌙✨🌷 (@stef.ramirezz)
stef.ramirezz14.03.2019 16:14:20

He kinda cute no cap

L I F E (@nataliezullo)
nataliezullo14.03.2019 16:29:34

how much money have you spent on your appearance?

Tatiane Vwque (@tatvwque)
tatvwque14.03.2019 17:07:31

You lost a lot of weight. Like a lot

- (@yatusabe_amir)
yatusabe_amir14.03.2019 16:28:16

You look too skinny that your head looks too big for your body. You needa put gains

Chat Nigga 🦂 (@akademiksintern_)
akademiksintern_14.03.2019 16:11:42

Any movies you wanna watch with me Chantel?, I want to spend quality time with you. We can go places too I just wanna give you the attention you deserve

Nick Bell (@pizzax13)
pizzax1314.03.2019 15:43:27

U look mad small

Gaby Valseca              🇪🇸🇳🇱 (@g.valseca_)
g.valseca_14.03.2019 15:51:17

Back off homie

Elmer Lara (@_elmerbih)
_elmerbih14.03.2019 15:43:18

@chanteljeffries  but your smile is already pretty 🤣

Matt Coughlin (@mcough)
mcough14.03.2019 15:52:36

Hands off the prize bruh

Rest In Paradise Pops (@marcdeavila)
marcdeavila14.03.2019 15:43:24

Why his arm around you like that boo? 🤔

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