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Dax Shepard (@daxshepard)
daxshepard14.04.2019 23:28:40

You're a piece of shit.

Jamie Foxx (@iamjamiefoxx)
iamjamiefoxx15.04.2019 07:05:11


Nick Zano (@nickzano)
nickzano14.04.2019 22:07:41


Magic Mike Live (@magicmikelive)
magicmikelive15.04.2019 16:58:59


Michael Pena (@mvegapena)
mvegapena15.04.2019 15:59:49

You’re crazy! Hahaha

Jodi Fernandes (@fernandesjodi)
fernandesjodi14.04.2019 22:01:56

Dude,where's the helmet!? Can't ruin that face!!!

Joyce Armstrong-Lopez (@joycellopez61)
joycellopez6114.04.2019 22:01:56

Where is your helmet Channing

Sierra Hatch (Hobberstad) (@adventuringiraffe)
adventuringiraffe14.04.2019 22:22:48

Helmet that head! You’ve got a little girl to raise!

Pantera Sarah (@panterasarah)
panterasarah14.04.2019 22:01:06

Yo! Put a damn helmet on, son! Ha

Angie Fletcher (@theangiefletcher)
theangiefletcher14.04.2019 22:00:01

Where’s ya helmet? 😂

💥Dan💥 (@danleedsdan)
danleedsdan14.04.2019 22:14:16

Helmet , always helmet ⛑

Gill Ian (@gillybop1)
gillybop114.04.2019 22:06:05


Shannon Ward (@shankaila)
shankaila14.04.2019 22:12:13


Xinia💋🇸🇻✈️ (@ms_xinia)
ms_xinia14.04.2019 22:06:25

Such a badass ;) But where’s your helmet babe! 😮

Nicole Backes (@nicolecbackes)
nicolecbackes14.04.2019 22:42:52

Channing, no helmet, really??

Kim Versaci (@kimversaci)
kimversaci14.04.2019 22:01:19

Again, I am BEGGING you to give me “just alittle shout out...” It would make a SINGLE 51 yr old woman happy!!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️

Melissa (@mwhainz2)
mwhainz215.04.2019 02:54:33

Helmets aren’t just for kids! As a “role model” for people of all ages including kids... watching this is disappointing. Great lesson for all the youth watching this 🙄. I mean I get being caught up in the moment, but come on (insert head shaking).

Cristobal Arenas (@cris.aga.28)
cris.aga.2817.04.2019 00:51:15


IFBB Pro Shaaban (@shaaban_ifbbpro)
shaaban_ifbbpro17.04.2019 15:13:13


Veronica Patrick (@vmariepatrick)
vmariepatrick14.04.2019 23:09:34

OMG no helmet?! 😱 Protect that face!! 😍

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