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Doughnut Time UK (@doughnuttime_uk)
doughnuttime_uk25.10.2018 18:17:38

Maybe we should make a Channing Tatum? 🤔😂 Enjoy!!

Arin Babaian (@arinb)
arinb25.10.2018 18:20:08


Kayla 💝 (@kaylamiller2)
kaylamiller225.10.2018 17:47:15

@jayla_young19  @emilypayden  this is a sign me and Channing Tatum should be together

Molly Terheege (@mollyterheege)
mollyterheege25.10.2018 18:00:40

Oh my god @hannahcleeve_  hi

channing tatYUM king 👑 (@channingtatumking)
channingtatumking25.10.2018 19:02:22

That donut is pretty big but my love for you is even bigger ❤️❤️

Veronica Diaz (@iamveronica_diaz)
iamveronica_diaz25.10.2018 23:38:52

Omg...where is this donut place. I want one....giant wow...

juli jabbi (@sweetjules28)
sweetjules2826.10.2018 05:38:42

Channing wow that donut is huge enjoy it baby.

Melanie 🇵🇷♥️ (@mellymel1218)
mellymel121825.10.2018 19:54:05

@valgreenavly  is this that donut place???

Emy🌻 (@emy_camposv)
emy_camposv25.10.2018 19:46:35

@yennycarrenoc  mira tan lindo! Tan bello 😍🤤 no se que dijo pero no importa🤣

RL31💕💕 (@rebexx3131)
rebexx313125.10.2018 18:13:51

Channing Tatum the hottest guy in Hollywood!! Imo

Desiree (@dns4ever.db)
dns4ever.db25.10.2018 18:09:11

LOL... I hope you enjoyed it and didn't get much of a sugar high as it looks like it would give someone!

Chloe (@chloelauradale)
chloelauradale25.10.2018 23:17:37

@gabriellegeering  @natnat8226  Channing knows!

C.D.Witt (@witt.christina)
witt.christina25.10.2018 20:41:32

That made me gain five lbs just looking at it but it looks good . Especially it's chocolate.

B R I T T A N Y  R O L F E (@brittany.rolfe)
brittany.rolfe25.10.2018 20:25:29

@frannie_slayer  donut goals

Maria Pilar Boix (@mapiboix)
mapiboix25.10.2018 17:49:03

Chris??? I want that doughnout @channingtatum 

Angie Beaton (@angiebeaton123)
angiebeaton12325.10.2018 17:46:51

I want!!!! @chrishemsworth  😂😆

_butterflyy_kisses (@_butterflyy_kisses)
_butterflyy_kisses26.10.2018 01:20:50

@jtyrrell8  we have to go to Australia

Maria Toussaint (@ral_ian)
ral_ian26.10.2018 04:19:10

@fitchick_bianca  cheat meal?😝

Daniella Moore (@dan1ella89)
dan1ella8926.10.2018 06:30:30

@lilllly_pilllly  .... ummmm is he is Aus?

Nathalie Castro (@nathalie.castro)
nathalie.castro26.10.2018 03:54:52

I love you @channingtatum 

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