Well, It looks like I lost my daughter in the jundland wastes. This is the last pic i have of her. #tatooinebaby. - Channing Tatum (@channingtatum)
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светлана малощак (@mal6368)
mal636812.07.2018 16:54:20


Lucy O'neill (@lucyshayoneill2018)
lucyshayoneill201814.07.2018 22:09:03

She is beautiful, you sound like a great dad♡♡♡♡

Kelly Elizabeth Sparks (@destiny000us)
destiny000us17.07.2018 02:04:51


Kelly Elizabeth Sparks (@destiny000us)
destiny000us17.07.2018 02:05:14


Jesseth (@jess_on_twos)
jess_on_twos17.07.2018 07:57:11

I love uuuu

Jesseth (@jess_on_twos)
jess_on_twos17.07.2018 07:57:20

Ilove youuuuu

Jesseth (@jess_on_twos)
jess_on_twos17.07.2018 07:57:23

I love youuu

Me ❤️ North Sweden 🇸🇪 (@missulrica)
missulrica21.07.2018 19:15:57

No never a last pic🌸

D*N creations💅 (@dncreanailsmartigues)
dncreanailsmartigues23.07.2018 22:22:27

Ahahah cute

a m y 🌿 (@amy.catavitello)
amy.catavitello27.07.2018 05:37:55

Live strong, life always has waves ! 💓💙 .. little miss Everly growing up so quick!!

A pretty mess (@mathildelundgren)
mathildelundgren27.07.2018 20:27:51

Ohh love that pic.

Jaymie (@lilmissfeatherbum)
lilmissfeatherbum28.07.2018 20:35:58

Wowwwwwwww the colours , the intensity of the sky with the rocks and innocence of a child x such a beautiful picture xx

Nancy Bakal (@bakalnancy)
bakalnancy31.07.2018 15:33:40

We are never can lost our childs.👩they are always deep in the heart,mind and dreams.nice pic man...🤗👍

Becky Vet Khiangte (@becky_vet_khiangte)
becky_vet_khiangte03.08.2018 18:42:18

Don't lose her again..she's your real treasure

k@thy (@k8thyc)
k8thyc07.08.2018 02:24:51

Awww girls are always attached to there daddy's and im sure shes daddys little girl until the end of time.Cheer Up Buddy!Theres always time if you make time😘

tuty oliveira 😘 (@tuty_oliveira_)
tuty_oliveira_15.08.2018 17:58:51

Lindo lugar

⭐Phibrows Artist🌟 (@phibrows_zohre_)
phibrows_zohre_17.08.2018 13:41:09

وقت بخیر ، لطفا از نمونه کارهای ما دیدن کنید

Jette Lykke Ane Jensen (@jettelykkeanejensen1972)
jettelykkeanejensen197217.08.2018 15:37:19


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