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Rap by RAPTV (@rap)
rap09.10.2019 06:53:35

Mans fell asleep

michezon_online⏺ (@michezo_online)
michezo_online09.10.2019 06:48:30


Ken (@itstherealkendra)
itstherealkendra09.10.2019 06:53:20

Oh no friend is tumbling

Mimoune Djaffar (@djaffar_1811)
djaffar_181109.10.2019 06:53:13


Melaku (@meloxofan)
meloxofan09.10.2019 06:53:54

This is Neymar’s effect

Lady ❤️ (@tikilya_levon)
tikilya_levon09.10.2019 06:54:10


Mizter Perfect (@mizterperfecttatts)
mizterperfecttatts09.10.2019 06:53:02

Com'on friend🤣🤣😂get up friend

Chris Siale (@chris_tonga_siale)
chris_tonga_siale09.10.2019 06:52:39

Neymar when he was young

Ant 🇻🇮 (@antmirando)
antmirando09.10.2019 06:52:02

When that morning blunt hit 😂

🌹 (@iamrozzey)
iamrozzey09.10.2019 06:52:07

😂 Kids

Edgardo Barragan (@19edgardo94)
19edgardo9409.10.2019 06:52:23

Oh he a soccer player allright 😂😂 they be diving like if it was the damn olympics lol

Rober Ambrosio (@ambrosiorobert)
ambrosiorobert09.10.2019 06:51:57


Adrian Nali (@dankmemegodxd69)
dankmemegodxd6909.10.2019 06:54:35


🇭🇹💋💙 (@ms_houston_honey)
ms_houston_honey09.10.2019 06:55:05

This how dramatic my 2 year old is when I turn off baby shark 😂😂

Dominique B (@her_thatchocolateone)
her_thatchocolateone09.10.2019 06:58:39


Maje | Pele (@peledavinci)
peledavinci09.10.2019 07:02:05

Nigga like LeBron in 07 😂😂😂

𝕾𝖔𝖋𝖙𝖘𝖆𝖎𝖓𝖙 (@softsaint)
softsaint09.10.2019 06:54:49

That kid must love Neymar Jr so much to be that way 😂😂😂😂

Kevin Gurney (@instagee1976)
instagee197609.10.2019 06:57:58

He's learnt the art of conning the ref at an early age haha

Louis Roca (@louroca14)
louroca1409.10.2019 06:56:15

Ay, where’s the foul! my mans flopping game on point

ThatMFNgirl (@bluesapphirevirgo)
bluesapphirevirgo09.10.2019 06:55:07

😂dang lil baby... looks like my life