I Can’t Get Enough video is out now. Can’t believe we pulled it off in one take- even if I did fall once or twice trying.
@itsbennyblanco @tainy @jbal - Selena Gomez (@selenagomez)
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itsbennyblanco12.03.2019 20:47:03

how r u this perfect??? queen!!!

Tainy (@tainy)
tainy12.03.2019 18:31:52

Thank you 👑 congrats!

CHLOÉ BARTOLI (@chloebartoli)
chloebartoli12.03.2019 18:05:05


Its Me Rahmat (@bidssky)
bidssky19.03.2019 04:10:49

Cek My Bio Now!!! 😂

Sebastián Villalobos (@sebas)
sebas12.03.2019 18:12:51


ensaniat (@ensaniattttttttttttt)
ensaniattttttttttttt16.03.2019 17:00:02

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MaxEhrich (@maxehrich)
maxehrich12.03.2019 18:37:07

and that is what an angel looks like, folks 😍🙏

Mimi's Healthy Bakery (@mimishealthybakery)
mimishealthybakery20.03.2019 21:12:03


disneylandgomez12.03.2019 18:06:20

You all did such a good job!! Loved it!! ❤️🙌🏼

Yugas (@yyugass)
yyugass16.03.2019 17:31:19

subscribe to me, I love you

Neden Ben (@nedenbenniye)
nedenbenniye17.03.2019 09:52:04

Come to Turkey 💞

توضیحات در igtv  مشاهده کنید (@drinsta_brz)
drinsta_brz16.03.2019 06:52:21

دوست داری کامنتت زیاد لایک بخوره

salehmsv18.03.2019 07:53:24

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Alex Mapeli 🇧🇷 (@alexmapeli)
alexmapeli12.03.2019 18:25:35


Alex Mapeli 🇧🇷 (@alexmapeli)
alexmapeli12.03.2019 18:25:28