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TONY EDGAR (@tonyedgar)
tonyedgar06.04.2019 22:56:34

Whoa Canyonero!!! Whooooaaaa!!! 😂

Valentina Fitzpatrick (@valentina.fitzpatrick.12)
valentina.fitzpatrick.1206.04.2019 16:50:41

Are you available to attend our aviation well-being conference in Dublin April 25? You are such a great example of wellness during flying and we would love to have you over xxx

Jon Hayden (@jon.hayden.31)
jon.hayden.3106.04.2019 08:00:15

Definitely dig this vid 😊

C.  Tran (@ctran503)
ctran50306.04.2019 04:18:35

Love the Simpsons plug.... Hahaha. Not quite as boxy though

Brian (@brian_4_ever)
brian_4_ever05.04.2019 20:12:06

loved your accent when you sang llama song ☺

John Pratt (@wjohnpratt)
wjohnpratt05.04.2019 20:10:07

You seem to have had a great time in our country. Come again any time 😀

Max Rubenstein (@maxlrubenstein)
maxlrubenstein05.04.2019 19:04:45

😂even got the authentic canyonero music!! Love it!

Elizabeth Stevens (@liz.stevens85)
liz.stevens8505.04.2019 18:38:58

Love watching your vlogs 😁

Glada Dennis (@gladadennis)
gladadennis05.04.2019 17:18:21

Haha räven eller r%#ven😂😂 

Irina (@irinahp)
irinahp05.04.2019 16:44:29

So much fun!

Barshneyo Chakraborty (@barshneyochakraborty)
barshneyochakraborty05.04.2019 16:12:44

A GoPro?😎😎the background looks cool though🤘

Tim Chan (@mrtimchan)
mrtimchan05.04.2019 15:34:26

Would you rather fast car or fast plane?

Mats Gyllensvaan (@matsgyllensvaan)
matsgyllensvaan05.04.2019 15:13:29

Härlig film i gen 😎

Meg Laubhan (@oh.captain_my.captain)
oh.captain_my.captain05.04.2019 14:53:29

Canyonero 😂😂😂 this is the best

Huayamave Sandra (@sandy10_05ht)
sandy10_05ht05.04.2019 14:50:28

Oh Yes, is friYAy👐 I wish You a HAPPY Week-end 🍹😎

Peter McDonald (@p186373)
p18637305.04.2019 13:53:00

She blinds everybody with her super high beams,
She's a squirrel squishin', deer smackin' drivin' machine.

Adam Hill (@adamhillyeah)
adamhillyeah05.04.2019 13:52:58

😂😂😂 Canyonero!!!! You just gained 1000 cool points in my book.

Isma (@ismaphotographer)
ismaphotographer05.04.2019 13:47:01

Happy weekend 🤫

John 'Gb' King (@gbjohn69)
gbjohn6905.04.2019 13:41:33

Friends with "benefits". 😂😂😂😂

aviationnut8605.04.2019 13:24:48

What’s got 4 wheel drive and seats 35 😂