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15 (@_koahhh)
_koahhh10.01.2019 06:23:41

0 Assists Mamba Mentality 🐍

TWL (@thewiselaker)
thewiselaker10.01.2019 06:24:12

That’s why he deserves to be an ALLSTAR!! 💪🏾🔥

💭 (@rek_evence_12)
rek_evence_1210.01.2019 06:25:31

Kuz > “OMG HES ONLY 20”

hussein.3l310.01.2019 06:29:24

Could have had 60 if he played the 4th

Rouben (@r.si.p)
r.si.p10.01.2019 06:24:08

Tatum don’t even have 30 yet 🤦🏿‍♂️

ftafrmdaa10.01.2019 06:25:02

Are we going to ignore the fact Blake griffin had 0 rebounds in 37 minutes played?

John Kenneth Tudtud (@tud.squared)
tud.squared10.01.2019 06:45:00

Like if Kuzma is better than Tatum

Coen Sand (@heavyfella)
heavyfella10.01.2019 06:25:03

Should've let him play in the 4th and drop 50🔥

chAx (@chaxhyun)
chaxhyun10.01.2019 06:25:18

Kuz deserves to be an all star 🔥

Franco (@frank31083)
frank3108310.01.2019 06:29:10

My dude from the first moment I saw him I New he was something

Dylan (@dj_dylxn)
dj_dylxn10.01.2019 06:23:08

Like if kuz is good

Johan Sumitro (@johansumitro)
johansumitro10.01.2019 06:28:00

Today @kuz  reminds me to the greatest @kobebryant 

ray. (@thelife0fray)
thelife0fray10.01.2019 06:48:47

tAtUm Is bEtTeR tHaN kUzMa

CHRIS STEPHENS (@thechrisstephens)
thechrisstephens10.01.2019 06:24:41

Kyle "Clutch" Kuzma ladies and gentlemen...

The Brick God 🔥 (@daily.markelle)
daily.markelle10.01.2019 06:23:46

Steal of the draft unlike Fultz 💀

Aaron Collins (@acwhatimean)
acwhatimean10.01.2019 06:22:59


lil tidarrious (@liltidarrious)
liltidarrious10.01.2019 06:26:27

0 assist😂 stat padding😂

Anthony Rivera (@anthonyrivra)
anthonyrivra10.01.2019 06:30:28

Lakers have a 2nd ALL STAR

shehannahganz10.01.2019 06:25:05

Why doesn't it looks very energetic in the crowd, am I seeing it wrong. My volumes also off. And I'm high

Art (@arturrobot)
arturrobot10.01.2019 06:43:36

Still a piece of 💩💩💩