Photo by David Chancellor @chancellordavid | A professional hunter stands in front of a white rhino in South Africa's Eastern Cape province. It's a so - National Geographic (@natgeo)
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Pagos (@_pagos_)
_pagos_11.02.2019 05:56:13

Way better than killing, but still stupid enough... Agood idea for calming down the idiots who can't live without shooting something. Buy a camera 📸, morons!

Manny Reyes (@manny26reyes)
manny26reyes11.02.2019 05:57:35

There should be an experience where any type of hunter can be hunted as well .

Danny Perillo (@perillo31)
perillo3111.02.2019 06:00:25

Or an even better idea is just let the animals be and live their lives. Why even bother them

lv3632211.02.2019 05:53:53

Idiots ...I wish someone darts you with vitamins and takes a picture

Teresae (@teresa3llen)
teresa3llen11.02.2019 05:55:54

Just leave the rhino alone.

Christi (@christiannabanana)
christiannabanana11.02.2019 06:13:57

How is this any better? Darting, sedation, then posing for pictures? Stressing the animal unnecessarily? I am disgusted.

Brandon Hill (@brandonhill8484)
brandonhill848411.02.2019 06:15:26

I as a hunter still do not endorse or condone this. It still stresses the animal unnecessarily. Either kill it quick and clean or don't pull the trigger at all. And I think trophy hunts are pointless and unnecessary as well. I eat what I kill and use every part if the animal I can. No waste. No killing for the rack. This may not be a traditional hunt as the animal isn't severely or fatally harmed, but it still gets stressed. And also, there are certain animals that need to be off limits, even to this.

Pilar Batista P. (@m_pilar23)
m_pilar2311.02.2019 05:55:23

Everyrhing that the human being needs to inflate his ego💔

kzymer11.02.2019 05:51:30

Still a stupid thing to torture those animals !! Stupid ppl

albion38 (@albion38)
albion3811.02.2019 05:59:21

Yes this is better than killing an animal but still these people are interfering with these animals for a stupid selfish gain.

Marc Viborel (@cram4444)
cram444411.02.2019 06:06:26

A good hunter is a dead hunter

Elizabeth Unsworth South (@elizabethunsworthsouth)
elizabethunsworthsouth11.02.2019 05:57:08

Quite unbelievable idiots still wish to do this horrible hunt!!! Grow up all you pathetic “kill” hunters... so very childish, outdated and ridiculous, maybe the animals will stampede you and not get shot , now that’s fair

Dan (@_dhill55)
_dhill5511.02.2019 06:00:21

I'll never understand trophy hunting. Still cruel and inhumane (in my opinion), but this certainly beats the alternative.

Michelle (@boydie44)
boydie4411.02.2019 05:59:06

I understand what they are trying to do and intentions are mostly good... Why do people feel the need to hunt these beautiful animals at all?

braxton pope (@braxtonpope)
braxtonpope11.02.2019 06:00:45

this is the dumbest isht ever but if it prevents animals from being slaughtered...

Ximena (@xumace)
xumace11.02.2019 06:03:25

And what purpose serves to stress an animal to please someone’s ego? Animals might no get killed by this practice but still they get hurt! 😠

Ash (@_ash_avila_)
_ash_avila_11.02.2019 05:54:18

Still stupid & unnecessary. 🙄

Guha M (@guhamanidipa)
guhamanidipa11.02.2019 05:56:50

The act is very weird. Like a child's act ! Should be stopped.

Shaunna Requilman (@srequilman)
srequilman11.02.2019 06:08:50

So the vet is really the one who temporarily takes down the animal. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Ego much?!

Jeanne (@jaaateee)
jaaateee11.02.2019 06:08:44

Unnecessary stress on an animal who doesn’t buy a plane ticket to come to your home to pretend to kill you. Just stop with the nonsense please. Profound photo.