Meet #UltimaThule! After flying by the most distant object ever explored, our New Horizons spacecraft beamed back the first pictures and science data. - NASA (@nasa)
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ESA (@europeanspaceagency)
europeanspaceagency02.01.2019 22:39:10

That is a cool pic! 🙌
We are looking forward for what’s coming next!
Congratulations for this great achievement! 👏👏👏

BC Astro Engineer (@aerospacemaster)
aerospacemaster02.01.2019 22:32:20

I actually feel sorry for the conspiracy theorists that love trolling NASA posts. I suppose they feel good about being “in the know” while calling people who actually know stuff names. But they are missing out on the true grandeur of the universe and the amazing fact that we are a self aware part of it. I know several astronomers and physicists and I am closely related to one of them. We all take pride in the knowledge humanity has gained over the centuries and the further discoveries to come. These scientists are honest and hard working. They work with evidence and data and deduce the truth from it. It’s a shame so many people reflexively reject the results of centuries of their work. Conspiracy believers’ narrow mindedness condemns them to ignorance that prevents them from feeling the wonder that is based on actual understanding.

Juicy J (@juicyj)
juicyj03.01.2019 07:56:09

If I could get @nasa  to follow me back that would be 🙏🏿 I wanna create some music for there IG to go with the space pictures it’s a new wave

Il Mugugno Genovese (@ilmugugnogenovese)
ilmugugnogenovese03.01.2019 14:33:14

Le focaccette di crevari! 😍

Juicy J (@juicyj)
juicyj03.01.2019 07:54:00

Nice!!! I gotta get to space ASAP

Rodrigo Galan (@rigo_the_shot)
rigo_the_shot02.01.2019 23:06:46

Dear NASA, You are that friend we all had that told a lie too big to turn back on, doubled down, and are now caught by modern day science and technology. You have your own astronauts saying that we cant leave lower earth orbit because of materials and technology needed to accomplish manned space travel through the thermo and exosphere, ie Van Allen belt. But, we did it 6 times from 69-72'... and we "lost" the telemetry data that you cant fake, and we cant do it nowadays because we dont have the technology... anymore. Right, I hear you. We have the space suits and models of these "advanced" lunar modules on display across the world, but can't make them again... huh?.. How about that phone call from the oval office to the moon on live TV, that was amazing, no delay, in 1969. Can we agree that was far fetched in 2019. Do the research and see where it take you. I cant trust a source that has lied time and time again, can you?

Maddie Waldron (@geekygirl800)
geekygirl80003.01.2019 00:18:56

I know I'm only 13 but my biggest dream is to become a NASA agent!! I will put any thing on the line to have the opportunity to work for NASA and make these brilliant discovories!! I really hope someday I can live my dream!! I'm doing everything I can!! 🌍🌗

The Earth is Flat (@flat_earth_awakening)
flat_earth_awakening03.01.2019 01:31:29

You better beLIEve it 😆😆😆🤦🏻‍♂️

jake mulhearn (@jake_m2688)
jake_m268802.01.2019 23:21:30

Earth is flat space is fake

somebody (@still_hopeful_________)
still_hopeful_________03.01.2019 15:52:14

How does 146 sq mile of water curve??.

Science alwayswins (@science_______ftw)
science_______ftw03.01.2019 01:01:07

Fantastic accomplishment NASA. Sorry there are so many flat earth tards that just don't get it . They are laaaame

Kelsey Kelley (@kkelley817)
kkelley81703.01.2019 17:57:57

Y’all can’t even get that close to it and you’re already trying to tell us when it formed. You don’t know that. That’s why I can’t stand this part of science. I think expiration is great but you just seriously pull numbers out of your butt and everyone believes it. 🤦🏻‍♀️

DΔMV live (@actualdama)
actualdama04.01.2019 18:57:30

@acqua4life  rocket doesn't push "against itself." it produces thrust which moves it forward.

Time2awake (@time2awake)
time2awake03.01.2019 04:00:15

Lol 😂 the fact you would be tagging people in this? NASA is trolling you guys to see what you’ll believe. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷‍♂️😎

fazool__05.01.2019 18:54:13

Who actually believes this is real ????

Zac Dell'Acqua (@acqua4life)
acqua4life11.01.2019 00:18:52

@patlmac  moreover, what is the mass of objects in space defined as if it has no weight? Reiterated, in what units do you give me in regards to mass in a weightless environment?

Belzebù | boy | 24 years (@the._third._wheel)
the._third._wheel02.01.2019 23:44:00

Space Scamorza Cheese!

enlightened turtle (@enlightened_turtle_)
enlightened_turtle_03.01.2019 08:20:32

Where are the stars and why no streaks on the screen.. how fast is vehicle travelling.. and that must be a rubbish camera.

Trippy Art (@psychedelic_art_)
psychedelic_art_03.01.2019 09:32:53

That looks artificial and blurred or white washed why was pluto so much clearer when it’s the same advanced cameras

Nuno Brasil (@nutts44twenty)
nutts44twenty04.01.2019 05:52:52

Why are NASA's pictures always fuzzy? My cellphone takes better they not have enough money to buy hd cameras that take clear pics?...they need to stop hiding things.