Does the person who don’t want to visit Bali really exist?!
I don’t really believe it!
We had a really huge luck to photograph the story of love f - Wedding+Elopement Photographer (@jane_iskra)
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Seattle Wedding Photographer (@breeannalasher)
breeannalasher08.01.2019 21:46:17

Ohhhh my god, your work is incredible!!

Vladimir Inventazh (@lasiik)
lasiik08.01.2019 21:27:15


Svetlana Kiseleva (@s.kiseleva_photo)
s.kiseleva_photo08.01.2019 21:27:02

What a shot😍😍😍

Daria Inventazh 🐋 (@dashuzhu)
dashuzhu08.01.2019 21:26:29

Отличный выбор 🙃

Wedding~Elopement photographer (@janasnuderl)
janasnuderl08.01.2019 21:25:19

Girl this is so freaking amazing 😍

colorado wedding photographer (@jessica__cooke)
jessica__cooke08.01.2019 21:18:53

Jane! This is stunning

Fresh Events (@fresh_events_cy)
fresh_events_cy08.01.2019 21:18:46

Wow!!! This is so perfect!!! 🖤🖤🖤

Алеся Стрелец I Фотограф (@strelets_alesia)
strelets_alesia08.01.2019 21:09:24

Wow ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Natural Bride by Samantha Sara (@natural.bride)
natural.bride08.01.2019 21:07:24

You should have stopped in Australia while you were there Jane!

Don+Helen Photographers (@donmashelen)
donmashelen08.01.2019 20:51:05

Personally I don’t like Bali.... I LOVE IT!!!😭🎉

PEYTON RAINEY BYFORD (@peytonrbyford)
peytonrbyford08.01.2019 20:44:38

STOPPPP. Have wanted to stay at this little place in Bali forever!! Amazing!!

ARTHUR KOS (@a.kos1)
a.kos108.01.2019 20:38:06

Как же уютно😍

San Luis Obispo Photographer (@tessatadlock)
tessatadlock08.01.2019 20:18:26

Straight out of a movie ✨😍

Mary (@wanderinside)
wanderinside08.01.2019 20:12:49

Это я! Даже боюсь Бали😂😬

Laurken (@laurkenkendall)
laurkenkendall08.01.2019 20:10:40

What a dream Jane. 😭

Seth & Co (@sethsanker)
sethsanker08.01.2019 20:04:57

This is sooo gorg!! 😍😍😍 Wowowooowww

Фотограф Брест Минск Сидней (@photographer_sydney)
photographer_sydney09.01.2019 00:54:34

ive never been to Bali and not sure that wanna go

🌿Khatia Meskhia🌿 (@khatiames)
khatiames11.01.2019 10:16:00

Как же красиво @jane_iskra  ❤️❤️

Chong (@cchongis)
cchongis10.01.2019 12:53:06