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Jerald Saw (@jeraldsaw)
jeraldsaw07.02.2019 06:00:35

That dress ✨

Amanda (@amandasoeborg)
amandasoeborg07.02.2019 06:00:29

Where is The dress from? 😍

ALYSSA R.F SILVA (@alyssariana_)
alyssariana_07.02.2019 04:44:54

I love the day vs nighttime looks in these pics! So elegant in both ☺️🔥

MORGAN BARTEL (@morganbartel)
morganbartel07.02.2019 04:24:55

Ahhh that second pic is 🔥

Siena Dawn Klink (@siendawn)
siendawn07.02.2019 03:57:32

You rock ⚡️

Tawny🌻 (@tawnybarrie)
tawnybarrie07.02.2019 03:27:06

And a vodka soda cost 40$ here so that could be a reason @official.dmo  😂😂

Yoggi🇮🇳 | Susi🇩🇪 | Travel ATG (@yoggiandsusi_atg)
yoggiandsusi_atg07.02.2019 03:15:04

Wow. Love it. You look gorgeous ❤️

Megan Starkle (@meganstarklessparkle)
meganstarklessparkle07.02.2019 03:14:30

Omg you look like @haileybieber  here... lovely ❤️

Mandy Gommerud (@mrs_mandyann)
mrs_mandyann07.02.2019 03:13:16

Such a great message ❤️ overindulging has become a dangerous norm in our society. Happy to see you inspiring others to think about the habit! I've been just over a year alchohol-free and I've never felt better! Plus, mocktails infused with herbal elixirs make the body feel waaay more alive than booze ever could. 🙌 Cheers

Evie Rose ❤︎ AUSTRALIA (@evienairn)
evienairn07.02.2019 02:18:30

Absolutely gorgeous girl ❤️

Sofie Snow (@sofie_snow_)
sofie_snow_07.02.2019 02:07:08


LORAL OTTO (@loral.otto)
loral.otto07.02.2019 01:58:53

I gave up drinking a few years ago (except special occasions) and I feel healthier, thinner, and richer!! 🙌🏻

lebua Hotels & Resorts Bangkok (@lebuahotelsresorts)
lebuahotelsresorts07.02.2019 01:53:59

Such stunning and gorgeous pictures😍😍. It was a pleasure having you and @doyoutravel  @lebuahotelsresorts  thank you for sharing the pictures. Looking forward to seeing you soon🥰🥰

Nikki Lazaran • Travel & TV (@nikkthequick)
nikkthequick07.02.2019 01:51:49

Love that idea! I’m trying to only drink one day a week but I always miss the vino 🍷

Jess ✨ Travel (@jessxtravel)
jessxtravel07.02.2019 01:32:17

Love this dress ❤️❤️

Jᴇɴɴɪғᴇʀ 🌴 (@jxnniferalvarez)
jxnniferalvarez07.02.2019 01:23:45

You look stunning😍

Darling Traveler ✈️ (@darling_traveler)
darling_traveler07.02.2019 01:21:58

Good for you. I stop drinking 5 years ago and still go to roof top bars and I love it. I have more energy and I look and feel better. ☺️

Melissa - Travel 🌎🌍🌏 (@melissa)
melissa07.02.2019 01:15:26

Such beauty!!!!! 😍 Oh and the view is nice too 😜

ELLIE BULLEN ⋆ PLANT-BASED (@elsas_wholesomelife)
elsas_wholesomelife07.02.2019 01:14:59

Beauty 💋💋💋

Amina & Mohamed🐾TRAVEL COUPLE (@2algerianstravel)
2algerianstravel07.02.2019 01:11:04

The seconde picture so dreamy 😌