@ghali appears on cover of @rivistastudio’s new issue wearing a necklace with long crystal fringes, wrap around snake bracelet and an aged metal finis - Gucci (@gucci)
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ghali13.03.2019 17:41:57


ghali13.03.2019 17:42:01


n_n (@ivann___n)
ivann___n13.03.2019 15:48:10

Thought this was lil pump for a sec

this_is_a_meme_pg13.03.2019 15:50:20

Is that you, jah?

doubleejump13.03.2019 16:01:47

@lilpump  everybody gonna be like...

iTzM7mD13 (@itzm7md)
itzm7md13.03.2019 20:23:51

@lilpump  “Everybody wanna be like me, bust down big Jain and dress fancy”

🐉KingKi/KaliLifeAKA🖤Caligula (@nicestdoingit)
nicestdoingit13.03.2019 15:52:12


Chiara (@chibrun)
chibrun13.03.2019 20:46:35

@annalisaesse  @vincenzobilleci  @alessioped  per non dimenticare

Francesca Pedrini (@franci.pedrini)
franci.pedrini13.03.2019 19:16:48

OMG @eleonoralambertini 

M A R I A🌹C E (@_ladymery)
_ladymery13.03.2019 15:47:58

Este collar es multiusos total @sandy121988 

• J H O Ξ L С H I C Λ I Z Λ • (@jhoelchicaizaec)
jhoelchicaizaec13.03.2019 21:22:58


Andrés García (@aeggarciacross)
aeggarciacross13.03.2019 18:35:07


Isaiah (@ijspod)
ijspod13.03.2019 18:22:02

And older lil pump ouu!

m1211nl14.03.2019 03:19:05

@hello_kisung  ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

lexyytv13.03.2019 15:44:15

Gucci I BET YOU CAN’T RESIST MY HUGE PERFECT BOOTY BABES 💁💁 @haqnii  @yogi.mp4  @bot.r22  @itscloutgod 

Davide Dasty (@davidedasty)
davidedasty14.03.2019 13:13:54

@ccclarissa._  🔥❤️

Joe Reyna (@joethejeweler_)
joethejeweler_14.03.2019 03:44:24

@experiencebrown  ?? Ralphy???

Arthur (@arthuralfenas)
arthuralfenas14.03.2019 17:23:52

IS @lilpump ?

🦉 (@yosra_othmeni)
yosra_othmeni13.03.2019 21:33:56


Skylar Gullickson (@killerkid604)
killerkid60413.03.2019 21:24:13

Is that lil pump