Open yourself up to adventures and challenges with the BMW X4.
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Daniel Manole (@daniel_manole_100)
daniel_manole_10012.05.2019 13:48:01

What payment options have i got ?

i love memes more than my life (@depressive_memelord)
depressive_memelord12.05.2019 05:55:56

Wich city is this tho

Akhil Partap Singh (@akhil_partap_singh_123143_)
akhil_partap_singh_123143_12.05.2019 03:28:00

Gift me this beauty?

Jason Alcarèz (@ptx.jason)
ptx.jason12.05.2019 02:56:39

Is it a combination of a coupé and SUV ?

john olowo (@sabiboi419)
sabiboi41912.05.2019 01:53:49

How much

- HASSAN || حسن ⇣ (@ca_c3)
ca_c311.05.2019 22:22:14

It’s so good give me the car please

jurgenuka (@jurgenuka)
jurgenuka11.05.2019 21:47:50

Pls I and my Dad are big fans of BMW can we got a free car because we don't have any one

Ahmet Hakan (@ahmethakanarikan05)
ahmethakanarikan0511.05.2019 21:42:21

Give me

ramzi bouhamed (@ramzibouhamed)
ramzibouhamed11.05.2019 21:33:31

Giv me one car please

Alekss Steinbergs (@assteinbergs)
assteinbergs11.05.2019 20:02:36

Please give me

Syed (@asyed8417)
asyed841711.05.2019 19:26:16

In Pakistan your dealership is not yet.

arbnorhaxhijaj11.05.2019 19:18:38

Is this x4 m40i

Đỗ Vũ Nhật Anh (@_goosie2811_)
_goosie2811_11.05.2019 18:33:03

Please show us more about the 7

rohit sharma (@its_me_rohit_ooo)
its_me_rohit_ooo11.05.2019 18:11:03

Can i purchase the model of bmw from india

The Billionaire Stuff (@thebillionairestuff)
thebillionairestuff11.05.2019 17:57:28

Is X4 M already for sale?😀

tom (@tomaxelcashen)
tomaxelcashen11.05.2019 17:50:03

Got the m40i and love it

irko damhur (@irkodam)
irkodam11.05.2019 17:36:06

Air suspension ? 🚙

Nabam Hina Kayden ( Papu) (@nabam_dennis)
nabam_dennis11.05.2019 17:29:43

Ground clearance of X4 & X3 ( not M version)

Cvjetko Malijević (@_cvjetko_06_)
_cvjetko_06_11.05.2019 17:19:22

How many hp

Irfan Attar (@attarirfan)
attarirfan11.05.2019 16:01:52

What is ground clearance