I’m praying with every ounce of my heart for your family. Rest In Peace, Nipsey. - Beyoncé (@beyonce)
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Chastity Peters (@chassheis)
chassheis02.04.2019 02:44:39

Sad but moral of the story get rich and move far far way because it's your own people that will never let you love on them. Crazy if he would have turn Hollywood and forgot about his community he would still be here.😢😢😢😢😢

COMPLEX (@complex)
complex02.04.2019 00:18:14


((ĸսгεկşﻨﻨ)) (@kureysi_halil)
kureysi_halil07.04.2019 12:57:09

10k followers 20$🔥

Ashley Everett (@ashleycmeverett)
ashleycmeverett02.04.2019 02:31:23


Tanisha Thomas (@iamtanishathomas)
iamtanishathomas02.04.2019 00:29:11


Јιℓℓy. (@jillyanais)
jillyanais02.04.2019 00:55:07


Cypress Hill (@cypresshill)
cypresshill02.04.2019 00:12:46


LyricalLaureate on Snapchat (@lyricallaureate)
lyricallaureate02.04.2019 14:59:40

Nipsey Hussle , to me, was a brilliant man . An astute entrepreneur . He was a product of his environment for sure and held it down for his hood but he was of transcendent intelligence and saavy. This was Clear from Day one... YEARS ago. Any interview where you heard him talk , he harkened of the awareness and saavy the likes of #Nas  , #TI  or your husband
I dont know Nipsey. I dont know of his personal life , but I was always proud of the #mogul  moves . I followed his ventures occasionally and i love how he operated on that level and who he associated with.
I love when black youth get to avenues beyond the hood , tap in , find it lucrative and spread the knowledge.
Sleep in peace , #King.  THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS go out to your family and friends #Paradise  #RIP 

Whitney 💕 (@litney_)
litney_02.04.2019 21:19:50

How does Bey always have pics of people when they’re kids? 😂

Analicia Chaves (@ana_montana)
ana_montana02.04.2019 00:48:32


Dolly Castro Chavez (@missdollycastro)
missdollycastro02.04.2019 00:34:11

Rip 🙏🏼💔

Both (@cheryladamson7762)
cheryladamson776203.04.2019 10:37:57

Beyonce I have so much to say to u right now but outta respect for Nipsey I'll save it for another day

Emily Sears (@emilysears)
emilysears02.04.2019 00:28:30


♛DinahJane (@dinahjane97)
dinahjane9702.04.2019 05:34:10


Jenna Shea (@only1jshea)
only1jshea02.04.2019 00:19:39


Potato._.Potata (@dry._.frenchfry_editz)
dry._.frenchfry_editz15.04.2019 04:56:30

Maaan•••• That dude was a legend. He was like a gift from GOD🙏

osl.803.04.2019 08:29:51

beyoncé anyone reading this... i’m sick I can’t even function properly. my days are cold it’s hard to focus. I am broken by this. I feel as i’ve lost half of me. I’m in sooo much pain it is becoming unbearable and all I can do is cry for lauren, his and her family, our community... pain isn’t even the word

Jonathan Carol (@princetongirl5050)
princetongirl505002.04.2019 09:44:15

'Gun violence' when will this stop? RIP champ

Danielle (@soulfull_livin)
soulfull_livin04.04.2019 14:58:54

Praying to who ?????? 👀

hakki akdeniz (@hakkiakdenizz)
hakkiakdenizz13.04.2019 00:21:00