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Braden (@the_geesk)
the_geesk11.02.2019 04:47:07

When is the shoes gonna drop tho?

MΛΓΣK CΓISƬΛIП (@marekcris)
marekcris11.02.2019 04:50:37

Let donald design some sneakers

Alexander (@roseupagain)
roseupagain11.02.2019 04:51:28

Hell naw

j_jordan (@j_jordan)
j_jordan11.02.2019 04:58:01

Weakest shit ever

Brian Kelley (@bkelleysd)
bkelleysd11.02.2019 06:40:33

Garbage 🗑

...... (@hgfjmi7rfh)
hgfjmi7rfh11.02.2019 04:48:54


Angad Singh Basra (@doodle_dab_dude)
doodle_dab_dude11.02.2019 09:24:18

Bs song

"mv2020" (@yeshenyue163)
yeshenyue16311.02.2019 07:44:03

This is gonna be one of the garbage collabs... sorry adidas

Joe Flanagan (@joeflanagan_guitar)
joeflanagan_guitar11.02.2019 08:00:33

I’m unfollowing this page for this comment. Sort yourself out .

aaron_t3611.02.2019 06:51:33

Too bad his message is just more liberal bullshit @aus17n_ 

Pat (@thenearfuture_)
thenearfuture_11.02.2019 18:34:28

Wow can’t believe there are this many Gambino haters out there. It’s funny I didn’t seen all this hate until after This is America was released. People can’t handle the truth about society

@Atlon Ponce de León (@atlonpdl)
atlonpdl11.02.2019 08:27:29

not deserved.

-Diego Gómez. (@dieo_94)
dieo_9411.02.2019 05:15:33

This motherfucker say "this is America" but he doesn't know America? And @adidasoriginals  post something about him? Shit

ti.moy.morfin11.02.2019 04:51:17

I just had a look at your photos. Your perspective is normal but composition is great! Just wanted to say 😉✌

Adam (@cropstarr)
cropstarr11.02.2019 09:27:58

I remember when you used to collaborate with real hip hop heads..what’s happening adidas!?

Mitch Zyserman (@zyserhead)
zyserhead11.02.2019 04:59:31

Show us the shoe collab already

sandeep sharma (@sandeep__sharma)
sandeep__sharma11.02.2019 04:52:16

Pretty childish of them.

...... (@hgfjmi7rfh)
hgfjmi7rfh11.02.2019 04:49:16

When he win a pullitzer call me

RaJa.MuZzaMiL1 (@raja.muzzamil)
raja.muzzamil11.02.2019 04:44:43

<3 -= Nice =- <3