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Emzluxleather (@emzleather)
emzleather10.06.2019 20:42:43

This isn’t helping anyone, it’s just making a big contribution to climate change, I don’t see how this will change anything, how is this helping single parents???? Wrong

Ellie Kistruck (@elliekistruck)
elliekistruck11.06.2019 02:58:25

Can you tell everyone how much this posturing has cost ? Show much you have raised? ... and in ratio to climate change? What charities is this carbon massacre supporting ? ?

Thomas cisco adams (@bootlegkangen)
bootlegkangen10.06.2019 19:43:25

Hey 😎

Claudia 🍷 (@claudialequellec)
claudialequellec10.06.2019 18:34:29


Christina Brangstrup Arnoldi (@casachristina)
casachristina10.06.2019 17:02:33


Those London Chicks (@thoselondonchicks)
thoselondonchicks10.06.2019 16:09:22


Basith Penna-Hakkim (@basithph)
basithph10.06.2019 15:49:47

Gorgeous 😍