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The most overlooked part of any successful d...
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The most overlooked part of any successful diet plan is mindset. No doubt-a-freakin-bout-it.
See, everyone likes to get all worked up over which diet’s the best or which exercise burns the most calories... - They forget that the plan you follow is meaningless without the right mindset. Truth is, you’ll get BETTER results following an “okay” plan with consistency than a “perfect” plan inconsistently.
Successful dieters know this too, which is why...
✅ They don’t let one mistake turn into many
✅ They focus on consistency, not perfection
✅ They focus on moderation, not restriction
✅ When they make a mistake, they forgive themselves
✅ They know it’s not a race, but a journey
And perhaps most importantly... - ✅ When they want pizza, they eat some pizza 🍕 - Why? Because pizza is friggin’ delicious, and life is too short not to grab a slice or two on occasion 😋
——— . . .
18.03.2018 19:48:42
📍What you do MOST of the time > What you do SOME of the time📍
First, let’s t...
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📍What you do MOST of the time > What you do SOME of the time📍 ——— First, let’s take a moment to appreciate the number of pizza emojis I crammed into this graphic 🍕❤️. There’s like... a million or something. That has to be some kind of record! - Any-who, I motha-flippin’ love this graphic because it perfectly illustrates two of the biggest “whoopsy-daisy’s” folks make when they’re trying to lose weight... - The first mistake is on the left ❌ —> thinking that occasionally eating something “bad” or unhealthy is going to completely undo their hard work. - The second mistake is on the right ❌—> thinking a few “good” or healthy meal will undo the damage caused by their evening and weekend eating - Here’s the Truth ✅: what you do MOST of the time is waaaa... *takes sip of coffee* ...aaay more important than what you do SOME of the time - And that goes for both the “good” and the “bad.” - In other words, don’t freak out over the occasional pizza or ice cream or chocolate or whatever. Instead, focus on eating nutritious foods and hitting your nutrition targets the majority of the time. - What's more, if you do overeat, focus on getting back on track as quickly as you can. - 👉 Bonus point if you can fit a few slices of 🍕 into your daily targets w/o going over - The same goes for occasionally eating healthy foods. Don’t assume eating a 🥗 3-4 times a week will magically solve all your weight loss woes. - If you want to make real changes to your body, then you need to focus on ALL of your eating behaviors & habits, especially the ones you struggle with the most. ——— . . . #cartergood#weightloss#weightlossjourney#weightlossmotivation#weightlosscoach#weightlossdiet#weightlosssupport#weightlosssuccess#losingweight#fatloss#fit#fitness#fitspo#fitnessfood#fitnesstips#diet#dieting#healthy#healthyeating#healthydiet#healthyweightloss#moderation#flexibledieting#countingcalories#caloriecounting#nutrition#nutritioncoach#salad#pizza#nutrition
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I was sitting in my door room. At the time,...
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THE CALL THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING ——— I was sitting in my door room. At the time, I was a sophomore in college and had already switched my major 4 times. - I sat there looking over lecture notes when it hit me... - “Who am I?” - Who knew that three simple little words could send me into a tailspin of fear & anxiety? My throat started closing up. The hair on the back of my neck stood up straight like a nail. - “Seriously... who am I? What the hell am I doing?” - I picked up the phone and clicked on the first contact that came to mind —> Mom - “Hey Carter! How’s college go...” - I had already started crying before she could finish. ⠀ Up until this point, I was never one to open up. I never shared anything that was deep down or troubling. - This time was different. I completely spilled the beans. - I opened up and told her... About my fears About my anxiety About my struggles About my loneliness About my lack of direction - I went on for what felt like hours, and at the end she said: - “Carter, what do you want to do with your life? Not what you think your dad or I want, or what sounds “safe.” What do YOU want to do?” - I told her that I wanted to help people. I wanted to help people conquer their weight issues so that they could live a healthier and happier life. - “Then do that.” . . . I’ll never forget that conversation for the rest of my life. Reason being, it’s what finally took me from doing what I *thought* I was supposed to do, to doing what I truly wanted. - I don’t know your unique situation or struggles, but even if I did, my advice would be the same. It’s the same advice my mom gave to a bawling 19-year-old dude in his empty dorm room... - Whatever thing you’re wanting to do – lose weight, build a business, start a new hobby – do it. - Because why not? If you truly believe it’s something that’ll make you happy and improve your life, then you owe it to yourself to give it a shot. - Love you, mom ❤️ ——— ⠀ ⠀ #cartergood
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I'm a huge fan of food tracking, which ...
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📍HOW TO CREATE A FAT LOSS MEAL PLAN📍 ——— I'm a huge fan of food tracking, which makes it seem like I'd not be a huge fan of meal plans, right? ⠀ Well, I'm actually a fan – especially for folks with routined lives of work, school, family obligations, etc. ⠀ Here's the thing, though... ⠀ The TYPE of meal plan you're following will determine whether it's good or straight doggy doo-doo 💩 ⠀ See, most meal plans are rigid & restrictive 👎. They often ignore total calories and, instead, focus on stuff that's much less relevant like meal timing, meal frequency, and "good" vs. "bad" foods. ⠀ A beneficial meal plan is one focused on the fundamentals (calories, macros, & whole foods) and flexible with the rest. The guidelines above are what I use with clients, and it works wonders. ⠀ A quick note 📝: The Calorie & Macro equations used in Step 1 aren’t magic or perfect. For example, if you’re extremely active or have a goal weight that’s more than 50 lbs below your current weight, these recommendations might be a bit too low... ⠀ Truth is, there’s no formula that’ll perfectly calculate your specific needs. The best thing you can do is use one and then adjust based on how your body is responding. ⠀ I like to see clients losing .25-1% of their body weight per week (on average) ✅ ⠀ After a few weeks of tracking, look at how your body is responding. If you’re in that .25-1% range, you’re solid. If you’re above/below it, you might consider adjusting your calorie intake just a tad. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #cartergood#weightloss#weightlossmeals#weightlossprogress#weightlossjourney#weightlosstips#weightlosscommunity#weightlosscoach#meal#mealprep#mealplan#mealplanning#mealplans#mealprepsunday#healthymeals#diet#dieting#dietplan#dietfood#wholefoods#nutrition#nutritioncoach#fit#fitness#fitnessmeal#fitnessfood#losingweight#fatloss#fatlossjourney
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There are a few things I know to be true ...
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📍DO YOU STRUGGLE WITH OVEREATING?📍 ——— There are a few things I know to be true without a shadow of a doubt... ⠀ I know coffee & pizza contain magical properties. I know the Minnesota Vikings will break my heart every year... ⠀ I also know that one bad meal, day, or even week of overeating isn't the end of the world. You can ALWAYS get back on track and start making progress in the right direction. ⠀ But(t🍑), that doesn't mean you shouldn't implement strategies to help you avoid accidentally overeating. With a few reliable tactics in place, you can take control over and eliminate unplanned overeating (almost) entirely! ⠀ 1️⃣ Strategy 1 - keep overly tempting foods out of the house. ⠀ It's totes okay to have "fun" foods in moderation, but if there's food you struggle to control yourself around, then you're probably better off keeping it out of your everyday environment. ⠀ That way, you won't have to constantly use willpower to resist your urges to scarf-down/slurp/shovel-in-your-face whatever food is tempting you. ⠀ 2️⃣ Strategy 2 - Wait 15-20 minutes before eating. ⠀ By doing this, you'll figure out if what you're feeling is physical hunger or just short-term cravings. Make a deal with yourself that, if you still want it after 15-20 minutes of waiting, you can have it. What you'll probably find is that your cravings disappear after 5-10 minutes of waiting. ⠀ 3️⃣ Strategy 3 - Plan your meals ahead of time. ⠀ Two benefits to this... ⠀ One is that you know exactly what you're eating, which will decrease the number of food-related decisions you’re making way day. ⠀ The second is that you can incorporate fun foods you enjoy into your plan. Knowing that you have a small treat planned for later in the day makes it MUCH easier to avoid temptations in the moment. ⠀ 4️⃣ Strategy 4 - You can ALWAYS get back on track. ⠀ I said it at the start, but it's worth repeating. It doesn't matter if you've had a bad meal, day, week, or month of overeating... ⠀ You can always get right back on track. Always. What’s cool is, once you realize this, you'll find your binges are less frequent and don't extend into the next day. You acknowledge it, and simply move on.
16.03.2018 11:01:33
Each of us has a buttload of mental struggles we fac...
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🙂 THE SMILE CHALLENGE 🙂 ——— Each of us has a buttload of mental struggles we face on a daily basis. Personally? I struggle with confidence in pretty much all areas of my life... ⠀ With my body With my health With my business With my relationships ⠀ It’s a *constant* struggle, too. Something I have to face day after day after day after day. ⠀ I like to think of my struggle with confidence as a war, and each day is like a new battle. ⠀ And I know it sounds intimidating, but here’s what I’ve realized —> I don’t have to win the war all at once. I just have to win most of the battles along the way. ⠀ Which is where the smile challenge comes in 🙂 ⠀ I can be super-duper critical of myself (you can probably relate 😉). So a few months back I created a challenge to smile every time I lock eyes with my reflection. Just a simple smirk to show a bit of self-love & compassion. ⠀ A small step towards winning the daily battle. ⠀ It seems a little silly and “woo-wooey,” I know. But it freaking works. Maybe it’s magic, maybe it’s just in my head. All I know is every time I do it, I feel a sense of calm and appreciation which, in turn, gives me a boost of confidence for the day. ⠀ Now, to you... ⠀ Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to smile every time you catch your reflection in the mirror. Take that 2 or 4 or 6 or 8 seconds to give a little grin and show some love. Remind yourself that you can CHOOSE to be confident with who you are and who you’re working towards becoming. ⠀ Up for the challenge? Let me know by commenting a smile emoji —> 🙂 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #cartergood#love#loveyourself#self#selfie#smile#smiling#smile😊#beconfident#confidence#confident#selfconfidence#selflove#selfcare#bodypositive#loveyourbody#healthymind#healthymindandbody#healthylifestyle#youareenough#youvsyou
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Body weight can be a helpful tool for analyzing progress. But the one problem is...
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Body weight can be a helpful tool for analyzing progress. But the one problem is that most people don’t actually know how to use it properly... - Most people see their weight day to day (or even week to week) and think the number flashing up at them is all that matters. Well, the truth is that your body weight doesn’t tell the whole story — especially not in the short-term. - For example, after a day of overeating, people will weigh themselves, see a 4-5 pound spike, and assume they’ve gained 4-5 pounds of fat. - That’s not at all what happened, though... - The extra 4-5 pound they’re seeing has very little to do with fat. The majority of the weight is just extra water 💦 and food stuff 💩 they’re still holding. - A day or two of getting back to normal and that weight will flush right out! 👍 - But that’s not what most people do. Instead, they’ll cut calories 💀, do “guilt” cardio 😰, or simply quit altogether 😔 - Don’t fall for that trap☝️... - Your weight on a single day does NOT define your progress as a whole. Looking at changes in body weight can be useful when you’re looking at long-term trends & averages, but it’s practically useless on a daily/weekly basis. - So if you do overeat and wake up heavier, know that you don’t have to do some magic weight loss trickery to “recover.” That’ll only stress you out and make things worse in the long run. - Instead, put it behind you and get right back on track. Do that, and I bet you’ll find your weight is back to normal (or lower) after a few days of consistency. ——— #cartergood#weightloss#weightlossprogress#weightlossdiary#weightlossmotivation#weightlosstips#weightlosssupport#weightlossstruggle#diet#dieting#losingweight#fatloss#fatlossjourney#weightlosscoach#fit#fitness#fitnessjourney#fitnesstips#overeating#bingeeating#binge#bodyprogress#healthyweightloss#bloated#bloatedbelly#dietcoach
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I may not know you personally or know your biggest struggles with fitness. I mea...
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I may not know you personally or know your biggest struggles with fitness. I mean, I don’t know much in general 🐒... - But here’s what I do know: - You’re going to slip up You’re going to struggle You’re going to go over cals You’re going to make mistakes You’re going to feel unmotivated You’re going to think about quitting - I know you’ll go through those things because EVERY SINGLE PERSON goes through them. - A lot of folks make the mistake of assuming they have to be “perfect” to get results. Thing is, perfection is a myth... - Except coffee and pizza, of course. Those things are perfect & magically delicious 🍕😋☕️ - But you? A mere mortal? Heck no! If you think you need to be perfect to get results, you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment. - I know, I know. Lots of doom and gloom coming from Carter today 🤷‍♂️ - Well here’s the silver lining —> you do NOT have to be perfect to succeed. You do NOT have to be perfect to build a body you’re proud to strut... - You just have to be consistent ✅ - Being consistent is about doing the right things most of the time. When you slip up, you don’t beat yourself or whine or throw a hissy-fit or quit. Instead, you get back on track as quickly as possible. - So if there’s one thing you take away, let it be this: - Consistency beats Perfection. Focus on consistently doing your best, and I guarantee you’ll succeed and achieve the body and lifestyle you’re after 💪❤️ ——— #cartergood#weightloss#weightlossjourney#weightlosssupport#weightlossdiary#weightlossmotivation#weightlosssuccess#weightlosstips#losingweight#weightlosshelp#diet#dieting#fatloss#fatlossjourney#fit#fitness#fitspo#weightlossinspiration#fitnesscoach#weightlosscoach#consistency#consistencyiskey#howtoloseweight#healthymind#patience#losingfat#weightlossprogress
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Do a quick scan of my page, and you'll find t...
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📍LIFT WEIGHTS AND LOSE MORE FAT📍 — Do a quick scan of my page, and you'll find that 90% of my post are related to nutrition... and for good reason. - 💥 When it comes to losing weight, your nutrition is the most important piece to get right 💥 - But there's a problem with losing weight through just diet or diet + cardio. You may be losing weight, but it doesn't mean you're losing the RIGHT kind of weight. - Here’s what I mean... - When people say, they want to “lose weight,” what they actually mean is they want to lose body fat. Yes, eating in a calorie deficit will help you lose weight, and you'll lose fat too, but not ALL of the weight you're losing is going to come from fat. Chances are, you'll end up losing muscle also. - Trust me when I say you do NOT want that to happen while dieting ❌. Reason being, having lean muscle helps you: - ✅ maintain a faster metabolism ✅ lose more fat, and ✅ achieve an overall healthier & leaner body. - And that's why lifting weights is so friggin' beneficial! Not only will it help you maintain the muscle you have, but you’ll likely end up building muscle & losing fat! - Sure, the scale might not drop as quickly, but you'll end up losing more fat from the weight you lose. What's more, you'll have an easier time getting rid of stubborn fat and staying lean in the long run. - NOTE 📝: You don't have to be a bodybuilder to lift weights. Heck, a lot of my clients work out from home using dumbbells! What matters is that you're challenging your muscles & progressing over time. If you're getting stronger — using more weight, doing more reps, etc. — that's a good sign you're building muscle 💪 - SECOND NOTE 📝 📝: If you want a lifting routine to get started with, there are a few I recommend checking out: - The first is my Free Fat Loss Course (link in bio). It’ll give you actionable advice for setting up your fat loss diet and also comes with a full workout routine to follow. - The second is my 90-Day Fat Loss Challenge (link also in bio). This one’s more in-depth and instructive than my free 14-Day course. - Another is @muscleforlifefitness‘s books Bigger Leaner Stronger (men) and Thinner Leaner Stronger (women) ———
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About a week ago, I proposed a challenge to all of us here on The Gram.
The ch...
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About a week ago, I proposed a challenge to all of us here on The Gram. - The challenge: show more of the regular, everyday foods & meals we eat to move us closer to our health goals. - Show #MoreOfTheBore 🥗👍 - Thing is, I feel like a lot of the fitness folks here on IG like to take shirtless pics with their ice cream or cookies or pizza or french fries or donuts or whatever to show they can still eat “fun” foods and get #shredded. Likewise, health gurus are posting their “G-Bomb kale shakes” and “pasta-free zucchini noodle fuckolini,” but not showing the less healthy foods they’re slamming down in between IG pics. - I don’t know. Maybe I’m being silly. Maybe I’m making too big a thing out of it… - But here’s what I know —> I get 100s of messages from people looking for fitness advice who don’t have much knowledge of nutrition. They don’t understand “portion control” and “moderation.” All they see are ripped fitness dudes pounding sleeves of Oreos & health nuts drinking liquid lettuce. - There’s no balance — just extremes. - Here’s another thing I know —> Not everyone is ready for moderation. Some people have unhealthy relationships with food, and they shouldn’t be fitting in Oreos every night. Instead, they should probably spend a few months building healthier eating habits (that was me 🙋‍♂️). Then there are people who see health gurus eating their butternut squash & chia seeds and get turned off thinking they’ll never get to eat the foods they enjoy again... - And finally, I know —> the more honest we are with showing the foods we eat on a regular basis, the more we can help others find moderation with their diet. - I love eating salad, but I love a good pizza too. I don’t think of one as “good” and one as “bad.” Instead, I recognize that some foods — like salad — are going to give me more nutrients & fullness for fewer calories. I also recognize that foods like pizza are a lot more calorically dense, and if I want them, I need to plan or at least be mindful of portions. - 🍕❤️🥗 ———
12.03.2018 19:41:42
At some point, every single person trying to lose weight will experience a slow ...
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At some point, every single person trying to lose weight will experience a slow down or total plateau in weight loss progress. Unfortunately, that’s when many-a-folk start to make bad decisions with how to respond. - The second they notice the scale has slowed down or stopped, they’ll jump straight into drastically cutting calories and/or increase their cardio. - While that might sound like the right thing to do, it’s the worst first step you could take, for a couple of reasons: - 1️⃣ The Scale Doesn’t Tell The Whole Story - when it’s used properly, the scale can be a great tool in your progress-tracking arsenal. But (🍑), it’s just ONE of many tools. Other tools include measurements, progress pics, clothes fit, gym performance, and how you actually feel! - 2️⃣ Mistaking Slow Progress For a Plateau - just because your progress is slower than you want doesn’t mean it’s time to make changes. Your weight might stay the same for a week or two, and that’s totally Norma and okay. - You see, nost people don’t lose weight linearly. Instead, they’ll maintain the same weight for a few days or weeks and then WHOOSH. They’ll drop 2-3 pounds overnight. - 💥The Bottom Line💥 - Experience slower or no weight loss for a few weeks does NOT mean you’re plateaued. Before considering the possibility of a plateau, ensure that: - 1. You’ve not lost weight in at least a month. - 2. You’ve not lost inches in at least a month - 3. Your food tracking has been accurate and on point every single day. - If you make it this far, then it *might* be time to consider slightly dropping calories (no more than 200 at once) or adding an extra cardio session or two. - SIDE NOTE 📝: if you do end up plateaued at the same weight for a few weeks, it’s not a bad thing. In that situation, you’re maintaining a new low weight, and that counts as progress too! ———
12.03.2018 10:28:23
In third grade, my girlfriend Jenny Williams (not her actual last name), reveale...
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In third grade, my girlfriend Jenny Williams (not her actual last name), revealed to me that she “just wanted to be friends.” - Considering the fact it was Valentine’s Day and I had just dropped $3.42 of my hard-earned cash on a box of heart-shaped Nutter Butters... I was pretty heartbroken 💔 - I know, I know. It was third grade. And looking back, it clearly wasn’t a big deal. But 9 years old at the time, I felt like my entire world was crumbling around me. - Then I remembered it was chicken tender day — which is the indisputable best school lunch day ever — and I quickly got over it. - And not look at me. I’m living my best life drinking coffee out of a mug bigger than my noggin’! ☕️🤓 - - 💥 —> sometimes things happen that, in the moment, feel like the end of the world. - You go through a breakup. You don’t get the promotion. You gain 20+ pounds without realizing it. - When things like that happen, there are two key things to remember: - 1️⃣ Time heals everything... - it’s really easy to get caught up in the moment of a crappy situation. Remember that, in times of stress, we tend to feel things (both positively & negatively) to a greater degree. - 2️⃣... and you can control how you respond - you can’t always control what happens, but you have power over how you respond. Truth is, there are always lessons to learn from bad situations... - Try your darnedest to learn those lessons and grow forward 💪 ——— #cartergood
11.03.2018 11:10:06
A lot of folks think of drinking...
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📍DRINK ALCOHOL AND STILL LOSE FAT (4 steps)📍 — A lot of folks think of drinking alcohol and losing weight as an inverse relationship. - That is, the more alcohol they drink, the heavier they’ll be, and the only way to lose weight is to avoid drinking altogether. – While there’s some truth there, it’s no different than consuming too much of anything (even healthy whole foods). Take in too many calories ⬆️ and you’ll not lose weight 🙅‍♂️ – Now back to alcohol🍺 —> of course, the most diet-friendly choice would be skipping alcohol altogether. But for most people, that’s not a realistic request 😉. And the good news is, with proper planning, drinking doesn't have to derail your progress. - If you’re able to control your total calories, then it's 100% possible to drink alcohol and still lose weight! – To help, here’s a 4-step plan I use for myself and my clients: – 1️⃣ Focus on Veggies 🥗, Fruit 🍎, & Lean Meats 🍖 Earlier in the Day - this will help you stay full on fewer calories and ensure you get plenty of protein & micronutrients in before drinking. –  2️⃣ Stick to Low-Calorie Drinks - to get the most alcohol *bang* for your calorie *buck*, go with liquor (whiskey, vodka, tequila, etc.) on the rocks 🥃 or with a zero-cal mixer (diet soda, LaCroix, seltzer water, etc.) – 3️⃣ Once You’re Drinking… STOP EATING 🤤❌🍔 - It’s not usually alcohol that causes people to gain weight. Instead, it's the “drunk food” they’re shoveling down alongside it - (sidenote: from my experience, the only time I’ve had a bad hangover is when I’m eating “drunk food” or drinking high-calorie/sugary cocktails 🍹) – 4️⃣ Regardless of if you follow the steps above and control your drinking, or you say screw it and go straight ”Frank the Tank” 🍺✊️, remember that you’re always just ONE HEALTHY CHOICE from being back on track ✅ ——— #cartergood#weightlossfood#weightlosssupport#weightlosscoach#weightloss#weightlossjourney#weightlosshelp#weightlossplan#alcohol#healthydrink#lowcalorie#dieting#goingout#nightlife#fit#fitness#fitnesstips#dietplan#nutrition#fitspo#drinking#fatloss#losingweight#losingfat#emojione#clubbing#club#bars#liquor#beer
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Which is best for weight loss —> diet or exercise?
It’s the age-old question t...
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Which is best for weight loss —> diet or exercise? - It’s the age-old question that's been perplexing dieters since the beginning of time... - Some say it's 100% diet. Some say it's 80% diet and 20% exercise. Some say it's 50/50. - Well, the truth is that neither is “better” than the other. Reason being, both diet and exercise play a unique and important role in losing fat. - Here's how I like to think about it... - Your Diet 🍎 determines HOW MUCH weight you lose. It's the best way to ensure you're consistently eating in a calorie deficit. - Now you might be thinking, "But(t🍑) Carter, can't I just burn a bunch of calories with cardio and create the same deficit?" For sure, you could, but it's a lot harder to do, especially in the long run. (Pun intended 🙊) - Burning an additional 500 calories per day (every single day) is much harder than taking in 500 fewer calories from food. - Oh, and those are 500 calories you'd need to burn ON TOP of what you're already expending during the day through normal bodily processes, walking, fidgeting, and everything else! - Plus, the "500 calories per day" number is assuming your calorie intake stays the same each day, which usually doesn't happen. Typically, folks tend to feel hungrier as they exercise more, and even a small 200-300 increase in calories can cut their deficit in half. - So that means diet is the clear winner, right? Not quite. You see, while diet is best for losing weight, it has very little to do with the TYPE of weight you end up losing, which is where exercise comes in — specifically resistance & strength training. - When you include resistance training alongside a calorie deficit diet, the ratio of fat to muscle loss you experience will be much higher. In fact, if you're new to lifting, there's a good chance you'll end up building muscle and losing fat at the same time! - So to answer the question, "diet or exercise for fat loss?” my answer is... DO BOTH! ✅ They're each important and play a unique role in maximizing your results 👌 ———
10.03.2018 11:39:06
There's a lot of debate about fruit and whether it...
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📍EATING FRUIT FOR FAT LOSS📍 — There's a lot of debate about fruit and whether it's good or bad for fat loss... - Those who say it's bad usually fixate on the sugar. There's oodles of research correlating high sugar intakes with obesity, disease, and all types of things that ain't good... - So it makes sense that too much sugar from fruit could be a bad thing, right? - Well, here's the thing —> the amount of sugar you're going to find in most fruit is NOWHERE NEAR that of processed junk food. In fact, studies have shown time and time again that eating fruit is associated with LESS obesity and disease. - Anyways, when it comes down to it, weight loss is all about calorie balance. You could eat a diet full of candy & cookies, and if you consumed few enough calories, you'd lose weight. Obviously, that wouldn't be ideal for your health... but it could *technically* work. - 👉 Here's the kicker, though. HOW you're eating fruit matters. - If you're eating fruit that's juiced (like OJ) or dried (like raisins), then you're gonna miss out on all of the weight loss-friendly benefits that come from eating WHOLE fruit, specifically the water and fiber. - And as much as we all wish it were so, RUNTS aren’t real fruit, unfortunately. Maybe if you think real hard, though! 😜 - Here's Your Takeaway✅: there's absolutely-positively no reason to avoid WHOLE fruit while dieting. As long as you're controlling your total calories & getting plenty of protein, you should enjoy your apples/ bananas/ pears/ grapes/ berries knowing they're providing you with all kinds of things (vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc.) that are good for your health 🍎❤️ ——— #cartergood#weightloss#weightlossjourney#fruit#fruits#wholefoods#diet#dieting#weightlossfood#weightlossprogram#nutrition#nutritiontips#healthyeating#healthyfood#healthyfoods#fit#fitness#fitnessfood#dietfood#caloriecounting#calories#losingweight#fatloss#fatlossjourney#healthyweightloss#weightlosscommunity#weightwatchers
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I want to share something about myself that I’m not 100% proud of, but I know ne...
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I want to share something about myself that I’m not 100% proud of, but I know needs to be shared. Reason being, it’s something I’ve struggled with, which means a good chunk of you probably have to... - At first glance, it seems that I had it all figured out when I was losing weight. But if you take a deeper look, you’ll see I did it with the WRONG mindset. - My motivation to get lean was fueled out of self-hate & disgust 😔. I felt ashamed for becoming obese, and I thought that, if I could lose weight, THEN I could finally love myself and be happy. - And that hate-fueled motivation worked. I lost weight quickly, but it caught up with me. - I had lost the weight I wanted to lose, yet... I was still unhappy. I was still unsatisfied. I still didn’t love myself. - Now, I’m not perfect. I continue to struggle every single day (and anyone who says they don’t struggle is a big fat lying nincompoop). But compared to where my mindset was when I had first lost weight, I’m 1000x happier and confident in myself. - 👉 Now back to YOU. - Do you want to lose weight because you feel it’ll finally make you happy or complete? That it’ll be the thing that finally allows you to start loving yourself? - If so, stop that thinking right effin’ MEOW😼 - There’s no amount of weight you can lose that’ll magically make you happy. Being happy and loving yourself comes from within, and the cool part is you can decide to start doing it TODAY. - No, it won’t be easy. Yes, it’ll take time. - But you don’t have to lose “X” number of pounds or look like “so-and-so fitness model”... You can flip the script and start motivating yourself out of LOVE this very moment. - BOTTOM LINE ✅: Weight loss is temporary. Mindset is forever. - That’s why your motivation to lose weight shouldn’t come from hate — It should come from loving yourself so much that you want to better yourself mentally and physically. - Could you do me a favor? 🤔 - If you read this and it resonated with you, could you PLEASE tag someone in the comments you think it’ll help 🙏❤️ ———
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There's some truth in the phrase,"breakfast is the mos...
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FAT LOSS BREAKFAST TIPS — There's some truth in the phrase,"breakfast is the most important meal of the day." A better way to say it, though, would be, "breakfast is the most important TIME of the day to maximize your daily meals." - Confused? Here's what I mean... - What you're eating (or not eating) for breakfast is going to have a tremendous impact on the rest of your day, so it’s worth putting some effort into getting it right for YOU! - One way is to eat a breakfast high in protein 🍳, veggies 🥗, & fruit 🍎. All three will help you get and stay full on fewer calories. What's more, the extra protein will make it easier to hit your protein target by the end of the day 🎯 - Another tip is to eliminate (or at least limit) the amount of regular cream & sugar you're putting in your morning cup o' joe ☕️. Reason being, those liquid calories aren't going to do much of anything for staving off mid-morning hunger. Instead, drink coffee black or opt for a low-calorie creamer & a zero-calorie sweetener like stevia 🌱 - Are you a snooze button smasher ⏰? Set yourself up for success by planning the night before. Overnight oats, shakes, and fruit are perfect for this 👍 - Never really hungry in the morning 🍽😕? No problem, just skip breakfast! (No, it's NOT going to slow down your metabolism or make you magically gain fat). What matters most is your TOTAL Calories you’re hitting by the end of day. You might find that skipping breakfast and having 2-3 larger meals later in the day works perfectly for you👌 ——— #cartergood#breakfast#breakfastporn#healthybreakfast#intermittentfasting#fasting#diet#dieting#dietfood#dietplan#diettips#weightlossdiet#weightlossfood#weightlosstips#weightlosshelp#weightlossmeals#weightlosscoach#weightlosscommunity#fatloss#fatlosshelp#fatlosstips#fatlossdiet#fatlosscoach#healthymeals#healthymeal#mealprep#highprotein#flexibledieting#fitness#fitnessfood
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I’ve learned a ton of applicable weight loss advice from working with clients ov...
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I’ve learned a ton of applicable weight loss advice from working with clients over the past few years. One being that every person responds a bit differently to losing weight. - The fundamentals stay the same — Calorie deficit, whole foods, exercise, consistency, etc. — but how exactly those things get applied are going to vary person to person. - And it makes sense. We all have different schedules and life responsibilities on a daily basis, which is why trying to mimic exactly what someone else is doing doesn’t usually work out in the long run... - So here’s my challenge to you (if you choose to accept it 😉): - 1️⃣ if it works for you, keep doing it – enjoy intermittent fasting? Keep fasting. Enjoy low carb? Keep low-carbin’ it! As long as you’re adhering to the fundamentals we talked about earlier, you’re golden. - 2️⃣ Remember, you don’t have to be perfect – in fact, you won’t be perfect no matter how hard you try, and that’s okay. Everyone slips up from time to time. What matters is that you’re always getting back on track and doing the right things MOST of the time. - 3️⃣ Also remember, you have time - I know it’s not “sexy” to take things slow and build habits and be patient and yadda yadda ya... but that’s the way it is. Regardless of how long it takes you to lose weight, you’re going to spend most of your life maintaining it. That’s why you need to worry less about how quickly you’re losing and more about the habits and strategies you’re building. ——— #cartergood#weightloss#weightlossjourney#weightlosssupport#weightlossstory#weightlosstips#weightlosshelp#losingweight#fit#fitness#fitnessmotivation#fitnessjourney#weightlosscommunity#weightwatchers#healthyweightloss#weightlosschallenge#fatloss#fatlossjourney#slowandsteady#diet#dieting#dieter
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There's this thing called the Pareto Principle which states, "for many events, r...
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There's this thing called the Pareto Principle which states, "for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes..." - Some call it the, “law of the vital few.” I like calling it the Law of 80/20. - The Law of 80/20 is true for all sorts of things, and fat loss is definitely one of them! You see, there are about a gajillion-bazillion (give or take a few) different strategies for losing fat... – There's... Low Carb 🍖 Low Fat 🍞 Ketosis🔥 Meal Timing Strategies ⏰ Meal Frequency Strategies 🗓 Intermittent Fasting 🍽 Fasted Cardio 🏃‍♀️ High-Intensity vs. Low-Intensity Exercise 🚴↔️🚶‍♀️... - Good golly gee... No wonder people get so confused about what to do! 😱🤷‍♀️ – HERE'S THE TRUTH ✅: the majority of your results will come by adhering to a few simple things — the 20% that’ll get you 80% (or more) of your results. - They are: - 1️⃣ - Being in a Calorie Deficit 2️⃣ - Eating a Balanced Ratio of Macronutrients 3️⃣ - Strength Training 4️⃣ - Staying Active (the best you can 😉) - Master these four things, and you'll be set 👌 - Plus, once you have these four things dialed in, then you can start looking into other things (like intermittent fasting or meal frequency) as a way to improve your consistency in those four areas. ——— #cartergood#paretoprinciple#weightloss#weightlossjourney#fatloss#fatlossjourney#strengthtraining#strength#calories#caloriedeficit#macronutrients#dailyactivity#dieting#losingweight#fit#fitness#weightwatchers#nutrition#weightlosscoach#nutritioncoach#liftingweights#exercise#fitnessjourney#weightlossdiet#weightlossprogram#nutritiontips#fitnessplan#weightlosscommunity
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“Carter, all you eat is unhealthy food. How do you not gain all your weight back...
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“Carter, all you eat is unhealthy food. How do you not gain all your weight back!?” - 👆👆 that’s the question I get asked every time I post something to my story or feed that’s not typical diet food (i.e., burgers, pizza, ice cream, etc.) - Yes, I do eat burgers 🍔 , pizza 🍕 , and ice cream 🍨... but here’s the thing: - ☝️I’m not trying to lose weight right meow, which means I have a lot more calories to play with that someone who’s trying to lean down. - ✌️I’m not eating burgers, pizza, and ice cream for every meal. Most of the time, I’m eating lean protein, fruits, and veggies - See, a lot of IG fitness folk make it seem as if all they eat are Pop Tarts & candy, but I’d put money on saying that’s not their diet as a whole. MOST of the time, they’re eating typical “bro” foods like rice, chicken, & veggies. - I’m not completely innocent, either. In the past, I’ve been guilty of not showing the regular healthy meals I eat – mostly because they’re pretty boring and similar day-to-day. - Moving forward, though, I’m going to make an effort to show #MoreOfTheBore 😉 - Some Takeaways: - 💥—> don’t believe everything you see and hear on IG. (Seems like common sense, I know!) - 💥—> flexible dieting is a skill. If you’re just getting started with weight loss and building healthy habits, I think it can be beneficial to spend some time being more restrictive with your diet. - 💥—> You do You, boo. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for eating food they might consider “unhealthy.” - Likewise, don’t let people bring you down for choosing to eat nutritious foods. Often, the people who are criticizing you for eating healthy are actually jealous that you have the discipline to do so. - Pictured 📸: Pepperoni Pizza 🍕 dipped in frosting 🍰 ——— #cartergood#weightloss#weightlossjourney#weightlossmotivation#weightlosshelp#weightlosstips#weightlosssupport#weightlosssuccess#weightlossstory#weightlosschallenge#losingweight#diet#dieting#fatloss#fatlossjourney#fit#fitness#fitnessjourney#fitnessmotivation#weightlosscommunity#weightwatchers#healthydiet#flexibledieting#iifym
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