1583 kilometres drive over 4 days what a ride @starrluxcars thank you @parishilton and I had the time of our lives @jbrangstrup @cash_and_rocket ❤️ - carolinestanbury (@carolinestanbury)
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Starr Luxury Cars (@starrluxcars)
starrluxcars09.06.2019 18:45:16

It was great to see the way you handled the beast. Our pleasure, anytime 🏎🏎💨💨

Sophie Stanbury (@sophiestanbury)
sophiestanbury09.06.2019 20:21:17

Well done girls!!! What a journey 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 was worried for a moment you got lost 🤣🤣

Larsa Pippen (@larsapippen)
larsapippen09.06.2019 19:23:55


Alexandra von Furstenberg (@avfhome)
avfhome09.06.2019 19:41:10

You made it 👏🏻👏🏻!!! Yes 😘😘⭐️⭐️

Elizebeth Stanbury (@liz_stanbury)
liz_stanbury09.06.2019 19:37:40

What a trip! Well done, you made it...... quite a challenge. So proud xx❤️❤️😘😘

Anthony Stanbury (@stanburyanthony)
stanburyanthony10.06.2019 13:44:20

Well driven darling xx

Sayitsaffron (@sayitsaffron)
sayitsaffron10.06.2019 12:12:57

Welcome Girls!!!! Looking Fabulous ❤️

Alejandro Mitarakis (@alejandro_mitarakis)
alejandro_mitarakis10.06.2019 00:09:33

Great driving Caroline !! And best copilot , sleeping most of the time , hahaha

Kevin Coombs (@kevincoombs)
kevincoombs09.06.2019 19:56:20

The best thing I’ve watched since #TheSimpleLife!  So happy you all made it safe ❤️

Ruhela (@ruhela85)
ruhela8509.06.2019 19:56:00

The ONLY insta stories I was interested in ❤️

Han🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 (@hanlccook)
hanlccook09.06.2019 18:46:43

Congratulations girls! Your stories have been hilarious! I bet you won’t be driven for a while 😂💕

Indigo_gal1 (@indigo_gal1)
indigo_gal109.06.2019 18:47:17

What did Paris do on this trip haha ?

INGRID DE LA MARE - KENNY (@ingriddelamarekenny)
ingriddelamarekenny09.06.2019 19:50:49

Yay welcome to MONACO !

Julie Climpson 💖 (@climpsoj)
climpsoj09.06.2019 19:13:54

Well done. But you did moan a lot on instagram 😂

Sofia the Standard Poodle (@sofiathestandardpoodle)
sofiathestandardpoodle09.06.2019 18:54:02

I can't believe you made it. Caroline driving the entire time. Amazing!

Cristina Cuesta🥂 (@crisferever22)
crisferever2209.06.2019 21:48:29


sb (@sbrennan1970)
sbrennan197009.06.2019 19:25:37

Paris never takes her shades off ?but has no problem constantly posing wit?

YOGA WITH LUCIA (@yoga__with__lucia)
yoga__with__lucia09.06.2019 18:47:49

You made my weekend! I laughed so so so much! Love your style! Well done ladies! ❤️🥂👯‍♀️

Ann Paisley Chandler (@annpaisleychandler)
annpaisleychandler11.06.2019 05:35:43

Good job guys!!! 💜

Thomas cisco adams (@bootlegkangen)
bootlegkangen10.06.2019 19:14:05

Who’s the girl in blue 🤷‍♂️😎

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