My heads done in today thinking about which car to choose. There so Similar but have their pros and cons. Decisions decisions!! #ford #mercedes #focus - Carlos (@c4rlo5_b)
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dunk_raybould (@dunk_raybould)
dunk_raybould12.01.2019 18:23:45

A45AMG 💪

Leon Geddis (@leongeddis)
leongeddis12.01.2019 18:41:03

A45 by far.

Minshman (@minshman)
minshman12.01.2019 19:16:12

Nope RS 👍💪

Nikki Dawson (@nikki_dawson)
nikki_dawson12.01.2019 20:03:20

Having driven and tuned both id go rs if you want performance and amg if you want a bit more luxury. Amg still great car just the rs is a bit more lively

Joanne Rumney (@j666rum)
j666rum12.01.2019 20:33:18

RS for sure 😍

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