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Lou (@_kinglouie27)
_kinglouie2714.09.2018 05:36:43

Yo i need like one training session with ct screaming all types of shit , if you can’t get pumped and hype of that, then it ain’t yo muhafuckin set!

D-Train (@dtrain.page)
dtrain.page14.09.2018 06:47:52

I’m waiting for the guy that’s half his size to come here and critique his reps....still waiting....don’t worry they’ll show up.

Celene Sanchez (@celene_512)
celene_51214.09.2018 05:37:05

Be safe ... I thought he was going to have a heart attack. 😬 easy guys

MATHEW MACHELLI (@themuscle_flex_enthusiast)
themuscle_flex_enthusiast14.09.2018 07:31:25

"Curl that shitt...!! " your voice and he screaming.. Was crazy.. This video made me goosebumps when I watch in YouTube

Alex Davis (@alex_n_kidz)
alex_n_kidz14.09.2018 05:38:43

Such a down to earth dude. Looking forward to see him on the Olympia stage. Legacy

S Gomez (@redesignher)
redesignher14.09.2018 05:48:30

Mannnnnn I just want to come in an train in that whole environment smh shit motivating as hell lol 💰

Sergio (@lift_heavy831)
lift_heavy83114.09.2018 06:18:40

Literally about to go to bed and then i watched this....on my way back to the gym....hahaha

URBAN GRILL (@urban_grill1)
urban_grill114.09.2018 12:22:21

@t_wavvyyy  Son, @c.t.ali.fletcher  is the best to ever do it!! Pushing it to no limit is the key 🔑 to success

wwwwPoP (@wwwwpop8)
wwwwpop814.09.2018 21:50:14


SANTIAGO MELIA (@santiago_melia)
santiago_melia14.09.2018 07:09:59


riqabdul216 (@riqabdul216)
riqabdul21614.09.2018 06:25:04

If there's only one I've ever noticed you bring the 💪💪💪💪in everyone that steps that gym something that they happen all along the fight in them. The arms legs chest shoulders back is tight you em to push yourself no matter what it's still your MF set. I never met you but I really hope I do one day you're and inspiration I can hear your voice @c.t.ali.fletcher  saying to me what you doing it's still yo mf set let's go!!! So I push my body harder thank you so much for that.

Vernon "elament" Jackson (@thebest1period)
thebest1period14.09.2018 12:00:01

CT I need you to make and album with you motivating people through every set and every fucking rep

Вячеслав Бо 🔫 (@bo.pistolet)
bo.pistolet14.09.2018 05:36:51

Yeeap! real iron shit! the atmosphere of iron addicts is something!

Kevin Kibodeaux (@zyra1993)
zyra199314.09.2018 13:10:39

So form doesn't matter to make gains? I'm not critiquing. I just wanna gain muscle and i keep listening to these youtubers that talks about control and form, but then see videos from CT and i just wanna do it his way. Help me.

enybk114.09.2018 13:20:02

When I get on Ur Coast I’m gonna hit Ur Gym #SmallestDudeToToWorkoutThere 

Shashi Kumar rajak (@shashi.long_island)
shashi.long_island14.09.2018 08:11:20

Steroid power

A-Ski (@unique74beats)
unique74beats14.09.2018 10:19:40

Team Gains!!!!

𝕽𝖊𝖘𝖊𝖗𝖛𝖆 𝕾𝖙𝖚𝖉𝖎𝖔✨ (@cesarxuno)
cesarxuno14.09.2018 05:35:15

mañana voy a hacer un run da rack con bicep @roke14 

Kyree A. Jones (@killakyree)
killakyree14.09.2018 18:43:55

HEY LISTEN UP. Up and coming fighter here. If you like boxing and mma pls check me out. Much appreciated!

Julyan | Lorenso | Pimentel (@lowrens0)
lowrens014.09.2018 05:44:56

Love when u back motivating people to never end a set until they cant no more #itstillurmotherfukinset  #motivator  👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

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