The oval palladium-plated drop earring
Photographed by @LaurenceEllis - Burberry (@burberry)
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🙈🙉🙊                      Chris (
ghost.music09.08.2018 16:21:22

I thought that was a piece of steak at first

OJK (@johan__kyle)
johan__kyle09.08.2018 16:18:27

I can't wait to buy this rock 😍😤

Caleb Bennett Routh (@calebbennettrouth)
calebbennettrouth09.08.2018 16:49:46

For $350 that better come with the damn rock

🌙 daniya khan (@daniiyakhan)
daniiyakhan09.08.2018 16:24:59

i thought it was raw meat for a solid 30 seconds

Mj (@mich_jockleeey)
mich_jockleeey09.08.2018 16:19:29

Selling rocks now are we?

Jo (@xjy167)
xjy16709.08.2018 21:26:17

@eggtrbl  i thought it was a piece of steak and i was like: wow irdk anything about fashion

Gunner G (@gunner._.g)
gunner._.g09.08.2018 16:17:40

I thought they were selling a rock

ooooohpaul (@ooooohpaul)
ooooohpaul09.08.2018 16:33:23

I thought that was a piece of meat. Damn I’m hungry. 🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩

Follow & Like “PLZ” (@vzmw)
vzmw10.08.2018 03:52:57

حسبته كبده 😂😂😂😂

Manuel Cozzolino (@manuelcozzolino)
manuelcozzolino09.08.2018 16:18:03


Backyard-Blunt-Blower (@sosokrispy)
sosokrispy09.08.2018 16:24:41

So y’all selling rocks now

maxwelldowning_09.08.2018 17:28:14

Got it at urban outfitters for ten dollars @jenniegioia 

Louie (@louisianachaii)
louisianachaii09.08.2018 16:25:23

@phinecc  buy me this burberry rock

alli (@allihowells)
allihowells09.08.2018 16:42:24

@instameez  I thought this was a steak

Raoul Mauro (@_theunapologetic_)
_theunapologetic_09.08.2018 23:02:07

@federica.delvillano  che top, hai gli orecchini di Burberry 🤣😘

Strength And Dignity Styling (@strength_and_dignity_styling)
strength_and_dignity_styling09.08.2018 16:22:49

These are incredible!

nora durand (@noraadrd)
noraadrd09.08.2018 16:58:12

ptdrr @cleosteopathe  on dirait pas que c'est un steak ?

Cân Tiken (@tikencan)
tikencan10.08.2018 15:13:15

burberry has started to cancel orders made from Turkey, do not buy.

jksjrts09.08.2018 16:15:30


Krishnna Nayyarr (@zetrax1234)
zetrax123409.08.2018 16:43:53

I thought the rock was for 350 pounds

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