Keeping up with the news 📰🗞 🧐 - Bruce Willis (@brucewillisbw)
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lino pascal f lapastoressa (@lino_pascal_f)
lino_pascal_f04.06.2019 15:02:57

Bruce, Bruce, Bruce,....

Candice (@candice_kennedyy)
candice_kennedyy04.06.2019 18:25:56

Looking good💋

Patocmividaentera❤ (@patocmividaentera)
patocmividaentera04.06.2019 21:00:39

Hombre bellooo😍 contestará 🤗🤗💖💕💕💕

Amber Delgado (@amberd_gram)
amberd_gram04.06.2019 20:59:05

Old school reading like a boss!

Carrie Schaefer (@bluemm510)
bluemm51004.06.2019 20:58:23

Reading the news these days makes me feel like what's the world coming to these days and now that's what our parents said

Pablo Fernandez De Retana (@pablofernandezderetana)
pablofernandezderetana04.06.2019 20:49:02


Sandra Milena Rios Colorado (@samilerios)
samilerios04.06.2019 20:45:09


helena reymundez (@reymundez_helena)
reymundez_helena04.06.2019 20:43:11


Andoni igual (@andoniigual)
andoniigual04.06.2019 20:34:52

Hello friend Willis , How are you ! Happy week ! Good morning ! A hug from Pamplona. 🙏❤️💞🎥🎬👁️🍀🎩🐼🦎🖐️😍🇪🇸

Chyna Flowerhz (@flowerhzchyna)
flowerhzchyna04.06.2019 19:59:07


Gabriela Lopez (@lopez6141)
lopez614104.06.2019 19:39:40


mejia (@mejia.2017)
mejia.201704.06.2019 19:37:25


Kathy (@jokaj)
jokaj04.06.2019 19:35:42

#fakenews  you mean 😂😂

Roshann Kilduff (@katcoffinhatesreaper666)
katcoffinhatesreaper66604.06.2019 19:23:34

I Hope your ok

Lynn Dee’s Flowers 🌺 (@lynndeesflowers)
lynndeesflowers04.06.2019 18:52:45

He’s not working it hard enough.🤔🤭

Brina Wally (@brinawally)
brinawally04.06.2019 18:48:22

Wow.... What a man!!!

carol roberts (@caz55plus)
caz55plus04.06.2019 18:35:12


Пятковская (Агаева) Самира (@samulya17mermaid)
samulya17mermaid04.06.2019 18:28:00

how I adore him, long life. best actor

Just dream team (@vsebudethoroosho)
vsebudethoroosho04.06.2019 18:22:55

From Russia with Love😉😉☝☝👍👍💪🙌

vickyna basteri (@chiquitik123)
chiquitik12304.06.2019 18:21:39

Very, ❤️❤️very,❤️❤️ handsome 😘😘❤️❤️

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