#motivationmonday Nothing quite like looking back to where you’ve been to see just how far you’ve come - check out the effort on my face deadlifting 9... - Brooke Joy (@brookeellejoy)
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jacobs___ (@jacobs___)
jacobs___19.02.2018 08:40:19

Haha love it! 👊🏻

Brooke Joy (@brookeellejoy)
brookeellejoy19.02.2018 08:41:12

@jacobs___  that face though 😂 shame I didn’t get today’s on vid... I’m sure that would’ve been just as attractive lol

jacobs___ (@jacobs___)
jacobs___19.02.2018 08:59:13

@brookeellejoy  hence why I have zero videos! Beetroot head! Keep it up though!

Brooke Joy (@brookeellejoy)
brookeellejoy19.02.2018 09:02:07

@jacobs___  haha excellent! Think you need to post the beetroot! I will 😝 watch this space 👌🏻