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MEB Shue (@charlestonnative)
charlestonnative08.03.2019 11:39:41

Great post but maybe some art made by women later?

p e g g y  m a r e e (@peggymaree_)
peggymaree_08.03.2019 13:06:13

@connybedford  some amazing stories

Haruko K (@picolin152)
picolin15208.03.2019 13:12:06

Tale of Genji is STILL popular in Japan. Kind of equivalent of Shakespeare

TYP Art Cruise 艺•享 (@typartcruise)
typartcruise08.03.2019 12:31:20

Look forward to the following ones!

Ayaka.S (@6sugar2ayaka6)
6sugar2ayaka608.03.2019 12:02:53

Oh my, there's 紫式部(Murasaki-Shikibu)!

Ruth (@roofiness)
roofiness08.03.2019 11:25:54

that Kunisada print wow ❤️

KC Landess (@kclandess)
kclandess10.03.2019 15:00:16

Spartan woman is amazing!

Linnell Miller (@linnellmiller)
linnellmiller10.03.2019 09:32:19

I had to read The Tale of The Genji in my art history class. Wonderful tale of court life and intrigue in Japan.

Surajit Banerjee (@s_urajit)
s_urajit09.03.2019 17:25:16

Interesting indeed

Jesu l'Oba (@mobile_jesus)
mobile_jesus09.03.2019 16:04:30

I love the tea cups❤️👌

LeLu (@transpontine42)
transpontine4208.03.2019 15:30:22

Beautiful art. Timely exhibit. More!

Isabel (@isabel_oaks)
isabel_oaks08.03.2019 13:41:56


Алена Соколова (@alenasokolova555)
alenasokolova55508.03.2019 12:36:13

Thank you

TYP Art Cruise 艺•享 (@typartcruise)
typartcruise08.03.2019 12:30:44

Excellent choices!

Debra Craine (@mllycraine1)
mllycraine108.03.2019 12:17:20

Beautiful selection for viewing. Thank you

Helena Ali (@helenaali123)
helenaali12308.03.2019 12:16:11


𝙶𝙰𝙻𝙻𝙴𝚁𝚈✖️𝙻𝙾𝙽𝙳𝙾𝙽 (@galleryxlondon)
galleryxlondon08.03.2019 10:55:22


Annie Banks (@r_a_banks)
r_a_banks08.03.2019 23:40:19


Tricia Carey (@triciawritenow)
triciawritenow08.03.2019 12:07:10

Strong and beautiful ...makes me think of you @anna__carey  @haley__carey  Happy #internationalwomensday!  ❤️

Françoise Halvorsen 🇳🇴🇫🇷 😘🇬🇧 (@tamsynarts)
tamsynarts08.03.2019 11:38:25


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