‘I felt a large scream pass through nature’😱 Edvard Munch printed these words in German at the bottom of his 1895 lithograph of ‘The Scream’. It has b - British Museum (@britishmuseum)
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Calliope (@iamalicemakeup)
iamalicemakeup07.03.2019 20:02:48

This is one of my favorite paintings 😍😍

Martin Randall Travel (@_martinrandalltravel)
_martinrandalltravel07.03.2019 18:34:05

We're looking forward to the exhibition!

Cissa Henrique (@paintercissahenrique)
paintercissahenrique07.03.2019 18:53:10


Cissa Henrique (@paintercissahenrique)
paintercissahenrique07.03.2019 18:51:48


margaretread4608.03.2019 01:56:38

A very revealing comment - thankyou!

raoulweiller07.03.2019 21:36:32

It adds so much to consider the surrounding scream assailing the figure in front..thanks..!

MasVisitasQueLaGioconda (@masvisitasquelagioconda)
masvisitasquelagioconda07.03.2019 20:55:00

I love this painting ❤️❤️❤️

Hayley Wright (@hayleywrong)
hayleywrong07.03.2019 20:28:19

@hannahslaneyphotography  Wanna see this?

Konstantiniyyedebirrehber (@konstantiniyyedebirrehber)
konstantiniyyedebirrehber07.03.2019 20:20:55

Legendary 😮

Alex (@littlelibran)
littlelibran07.03.2019 18:49:33

Do you want to go to this @sophialilleystone 

JQ (@georgianroses)
georgianroses07.03.2019 19:40:25

He painted a bunch of other figures in this exact same pose, I'd a rgue perhaps he had a mild form of autism and felt the world around him was at times overbearing

Mona Roman (@monaromanova)
monaromanova07.03.2019 19:52:08

I’m sorry but I can’t stand this painting it’s ... horrible 🥵 was so happy to hear it finally got stolen 😋😬 but now unfortunately it’s been found ...and keeps haunting us 😑

Jessie Atkins (@jessicajuliaatkins)
jessicajuliaatkins07.03.2019 19:40:04


Richard Ndahunga (@ndahungarichard)
ndahungarichard07.03.2019 18:25:53


爰の私雨衵錏思出て振にし世々を忍ぶまにけふも昔になる夕べかな (@kokonowatakusiame.akome.sikoro)


Ilona Kosztics Hemperly (@ilona_hemperly)
ilona_hemperly08.03.2019 01:25:52

Have always Loved✨this!👍🏼🌎

Loredana Barberotti (@loredanabarberotti)
loredanabarberotti07.03.2019 20:16:20


Behrad Amin Salmassi (@behradsalmassi)
behradsalmassi07.03.2019 20:08:44


The Oxford Astrologer (@oxfordastrology)
oxfordastrology07.03.2019 19:58:26

Munich’s natal chart has Pluto in Taurus opposing Jupiter in Scorpio. QED

Vincenzo Scuruchi (@scuruchi)
scuruchi07.03.2019 19:20:44

Love ❤️

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