‘The Scream’ is the best known work from a powerful series of images by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch called ‘The Frieze of Life’, first exhibited in - British Museum (@britishmuseum)
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Morten Leine Fine Art Photo (@mortenleine_fineart)
mortenleine_fineart07.03.2019 12:48:43

Relevant today also. Very powerful.

Melissa Deneen (@luminous_butt_bucket)
luminous_butt_bucket07.03.2019 14:52:00

He definitely had a handle on capturing a sense of eeriness and discomfort in his pieces.

Martin Randall Travel (@_martinrandalltravel)
_martinrandalltravel08.03.2019 08:11:15

We're looking forward to learning more about Munch at the exhibition!

Sarah (@sarahdelune)
sarahdelune07.03.2019 15:58:01

I love his Madonna, especially the drawing with child.

Tamara Pereira (@tamaraps32)
tamaraps3207.03.2019 13:32:22

Amazing work

Kerry (@thewindingstare)
thewindingstare07.03.2019 13:07:25

Thank you. I so enjoyed reading your 10 Things.

BoyWonder (@uigis)
uigis07.03.2019 12:43:51

@britishmuseum  I love reading your post every morning. Thank you. Greetings from the US ❤️

Philip Nguyen (@philiphtn)
philiphtn07.03.2019 12:47:22


Aline Behrendt (@alinebehrendt)
alinebehrendt07.03.2019 15:28:57

@inalicious_journey  little trip to London? :D

Charo Delgado (@charo7470)
charo747008.03.2019 07:05:55

Feliz viernes

tony_min_freethinker08.03.2019 04:54:32


⚜️dəyərlimsən⚜️ (@ll._deyerlimsen_.ll)
ll._deyerlimsen_.ll07.03.2019 16:31:36

Səhifəmə daxil olun və takip atın qarşılıq 100 % 👌

Louis Sarkozy (@sarko_junior)
sarko_junior07.03.2019 15:04:04


Alejandra (@aleja_1952)
aleja_195207.03.2019 14:58:57

Wonderful genius!!♥️

ViArquitectura (@viarquitectura.ltda)
viarquitectura.ltda07.03.2019 14:53:50


Richard Hickman (@rifhickman)
rifhickman07.03.2019 14:00:40

What was the outcome of the story about there being "fake" versions a few years ago?

Tülay Kara (@tulay.k.tulay)
tulay.k.tulay07.03.2019 13:40:42


Nella Flemming (@nella_in_london)
nella_in_london07.03.2019 13:36:35


Marcos Barrod (@marcosbarrod)
marcosbarrod07.03.2019 13:02:09

Munch y la alegría!!! 😱😱

Carolina Díaz P. (@lacaropla)
lacaropla07.03.2019 12:58:24

I love it!

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