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maggie (@plant_aunt)
plant_aunt06.03.2019 14:21:19

When does this exhibition run til?

Kenneth Yau (@logorrhoea)
logorrhoea06.03.2019 12:12:33

@britishmuseum  What is the early bird offer? I can’t find any info about it.

atlashacker_06.03.2019 10:33:11

@nilootaatizdh  I can’t wait!!!😳

chs149206.03.2019 15:52:03

I always see a person trying to cover their ears because of a loud noise. Or Macaulay Culkin.

Abdoreza Majdi (@abdimajdi)
abdimajdi06.03.2019 10:50:43

When a painting student (1986) after 2 years studying Isfahan’s night landscapes, and already familiar with Kafka, and listening every day to Bartok’s quartets, I started absorbing Munch’s feelings towards nature very near to my experiences in Isfahan’s night scenes specially alongside Zayanderood , at that time nearly nobody paying attention to the scream, though I had a 6 hour lecture on Munch’s life and paintings at Isfahan faculty of art .

Adam Lucy (@alucyart)
alucyart06.03.2019 10:01:34

Wow, I didn't know about the Peruvian mummy!

Gong Katherina Ting-Ting (@kungkatherina)
kungkatherina07.03.2019 09:24:42

I was so touched when I visited the Munch Exhibition in Tokyo National Gallery last year December. So touched for 'The Scream'.📿

Daniel Cardona (@lapapa_sincatsup)
lapapa_sincatsup06.03.2019 22:40:47

Thank you for the post! It was a very nice read!!

daniel rodríguez (@eldani993)
eldani99306.03.2019 21:50:00

damn 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Curtis Morgan (@curt_morgan)
curt_morgan06.03.2019 17:25:26

@sophiephelps341  looks like we need tickets 👍🏻

Lucía (@riojalucia)
riojalucia06.03.2019 15:36:38

😱😱😱 The scream

Sarah Davis (@sardav64)
sardav6406.03.2019 14:28:43

Yay I’m seeing this on 19th April 👏

Tania Sa Moreira (@taniasamoreira)
taniasamoreira06.03.2019 13:16:15

It is a wonderful idea of British Museum to hold a exposition of Munch! In spite of the several meanings of his most important work called “the scream” I think it is one of the most impactante work I’ve ever knew!

Igorotraveller (@igorotraveller)
igorotraveller06.03.2019 12:28:15


Linda.cecilie.fevaag (@linda.cecilie.fevaag)
linda.cecilie.fevaag06.03.2019 11:37:10

Hard to believe that story ! Peruvian mummy ? And Munch,the artist? A very strange connection !

Lucia Carvalho (@lulucaol29)
lulucaol2906.03.2019 10:40:22


Giada Giannoccaro (@giada_giannoccaro)
giada_giannoccaro06.03.2019 10:56:44


Alvaro Tapia (@mistertrx)
mistertrx06.03.2019 12:17:05


🦆🦆 🦆 🦆 (@duck_appreciation_society)
duck_appreciation_society06.03.2019 10:15:45

He's shouting FENTON!!!!

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