The Great Court’s spectacular roof contains 3,312 panes of glass, and no two are the same!

Thanks to @hello.sketch for capturing the space in this lo - British Museum (@britishmuseum)
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Kay Guest (@kayrich83)
kayrich8328.02.2019 13:01:48

I adore this roof. First time I saw it, I was in awe of its design and beauty. I still am.

The Morning Room (@themorningroom)
themorningroom28.02.2019 19:01:26

Beautiful fact and beautiful drawing

tito martini (@titomartini)
titomartini28.02.2019 15:41:05


Bates Goldsmiths of Cheltenham (@batesgoldsmiths)
batesgoldsmiths28.02.2019 14:25:53

Lovely sketch, and composition too! 👌🖤

Juliana Ridolfo (@julianaridolfo)
julianaridolfo28.02.2019 14:03:36

I will never forget this roof 😍

Hello.sketch (@hello.sketch)
hello.sketch28.02.2019 12:28:17

Thanks @British  museum for reposting my sketch of your beautiful museum 🙌🏻❤️

Colo Zgaib (@colozgaib)
colozgaib28.02.2019 12:23:10

🙌... Me gusta

Jose de Santiago (@josedesantiagoart)
josedesantiagoart28.02.2019 12:18:26

Nice!! ❤️❤️

MORMOR (@mormorandme)
mormorandme28.02.2019 12:09:16

Love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️

_hermes_33.3328.02.2019 12:03:08

Like the pictures my son took at the weekend

tony_min_freethinker02.03.2019 03:16:57


CNS (@conchitanavarrosaez)
conchitanavarrosaez28.02.2019 12:37:06

Nice and yes great architecture , however all that glass makes atmosphere stuffy and if sunny, hit. As per visit yesterday. Do wish architects WD prioritize function over form

Charo Delgado (@charo7470)
charo747001.03.2019 06:29:57

Feliz viernes

VONG (@vongisrael)
vongisrael28.02.2019 23:43:34


Venues + Events Live (@vandelive)
vandelive28.02.2019 16:18:51


Tom Lord (@tom_lord99)
tom_lord9928.02.2019 14:46:29

This could be a cool pic @sarah_lord82 

ViArquitectura (
viarquitectura.ltda28.02.2019 14:28:46


Ng Lung Wai (@nglungwai)
nglungwai28.02.2019 13:37:14


Nella Flemming (@nella_in_london)
nella_in_london28.02.2019 13:12:24


💪🏾🦉🦉🌋🦅Amen-TutAnkh⚜️🌞 (@great_immortal_god)
great_immortal_god28.02.2019 12:42:44

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