In Chinese popular belief, hell resembles a court room where all souls must plead and be tried for their deeds in life. 
Made between 1522–1620, this - British Museum (@britishmuseum)
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Bryant (@bryantcply)
bryantcply24.02.2019 11:28:54

Maybe give that back to China

alys.thewitch (@alys.thewitch)
alys.thewitch24.02.2019 23:21:20

This is one of my favourite pieces!!!

Peter Dawes (@peter___dawes____)
peter___dawes____24.02.2019 11:02:46

I wonder how he earned the place of judge in hell. Maybe he worked in politics.

wdnavarro24.02.2019 12:01:15

Retirno this teasures to China!

Liz (@lizxanne)
lizxanne24.02.2019 14:43:52


Ⓜ🅰GUℹ 👑👦💍💄🏥🎼🗺 (@maguilorenzo)
maguilorenzo24.02.2019 14:27:42

@mariamalialo  😊

Bendy Henry_GP 🐫 (@the_original_boyle)
the_original_boyle24.02.2019 11:06:45


HarryBannister11 (@harry_bannister11)
harry_bannister1124.02.2019 10:23:38

Follow me plz

Jimmy alsberg (@jimalsberg)
jimalsberg24.02.2019 16:08:21

@macdude77  @harryhood 

Luiz Calazans (@luizcalaza2018)
luizcalaza201824.02.2019 13:41:23

One day we'll visit this place, @marondine 

Cat (@lilyinthestars)
lilyinthestars24.02.2019 11:01:39

And as you surely know, in Ancient Egypt the belief was that the heart was being weighed at death. To know where to send it...🙏🏼

AIP 🦄 (@gussieivorypeters)
gussieivorypeters24.02.2019 14:04:19

@clemmieivorypeters.  So interesting!

yuhao (@zhangyuhao2133)
zhangyuhao213325.02.2019 11:43:15


Matt Szafran (@archaeoresearch)
archaeoresearch24.02.2019 22:13:55


Wolfgang Schuler (@agentwolfgang)
agentwolfgang24.02.2019 18:26:33

Not guilty

εʍίʆψ👸🏼 (@embibems)
embibems24.02.2019 16:28:18

@na_diagram  mom?

Alexandra Drabik Chaves (@alexandradrabikchaves)
alexandradrabikchaves24.02.2019 13:02:16

Interesting that this belief has a lot of similarity with Chistian brliefs although these civilizatiobs had absolutelly no comunication when those beliefs were created!

James Ye (@frozenalligator)
frozenalligator24.02.2019 12:44:26

#判官  #panguan 

Ross Goldstone 白泽 (@rossgoldstone)
rossgoldstone24.02.2019 12:14:55


CPC & 😻😻 || Bath (@tahulah)
tahulah24.02.2019 10:51:02


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