This ceramic figure is a life-size representation of a ‘luohan’, a disciple of the Buddha who had magical powers and could stay alive indefinitely to - British Museum (@britishmuseum)
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Photo Getto (@lenisus)
lenisus23.02.2019 07:25:47

Found in China but why is it in England? Is it stolen ?

wolfbearclownshark22.02.2019 23:22:33

“Found in” is a strange way to say “stolen from” China in 1912.

Jocelyn (@imjocewong)
imjocewong23.02.2019 03:43:40

I believe I’ve seen one of his brothers in Toronto #RoyalOntarioMuseum 

rory o'gorman (@ogorman.r)
ogorman.r22.02.2019 17:54:45

I go and say hello to him most weekends!

Robin Merchant (@robinmerchant)
robinmerchant22.02.2019 17:26:16

Oh how I miss wandering this space. 💕

Bikramjit Biswas (@bikramjitbiswas)
bikramjitbiswas22.02.2019 19:05:22

give it back to china then- thieves market aka british museum

Eliana Sartori (@elianasartori4444)
elianasartori444422.02.2019 17:54:46

This museum is full of treasure

S (@dopamine_21)
dopamine_2123.02.2019 01:12:15

“Found in China” 🌝

紫竹軒 (@zizhuxuan)
zizhuxuan24.02.2019 15:45:21

Hope these works are returned to China. It has no meaning to the west.

Cyrus (@cyrus.jison)
cyrus.jison23.02.2019 14:11:41

It's nice I'd like to see it but only if it's returned to china

Juliana Gracini (@julianagracini)
julianagracini22.02.2019 17:58:30

@karinafpotterc  olha q lindo

Ross Goldstone 白泽 (@rossgoldstone)
rossgoldstone23.02.2019 21:07:12


Christelle (@christelle_gyt)
christelle_gyt23.02.2019 07:27:13

@valentinabnl  @lucie.grd8  regardez qui voilà !

Elena Rot (@elenaroob)
elenaroob22.02.2019 17:29:12

How can we know if it's a 'louhan' and not a 'buddha'? Thank you! 😊

Brad Corpening (@drchopsdelicious)
drchopsdelicious24.02.2019 06:52:51

I find it unfortunate that this artifact is displayed in England(Europe) instead of China. Granted, the cultural revolutions of the last century destroyed much of the rich heritage in that region of the world. However, does that same fact not encourage contemporary historians and archeologists to ensure that artifacts can remain close to their sources now that governments and cultures are becoming more understanding, and less restrictive, concerning THEIR OWN HERITAGE? It is ludicrous to believe that this artifact, and those like it, have any permanent, or even temporary, place in western museums while the people whose contemporary cultures were built upon this history are deprived of these direct connections with their heritage.
Furthermore, in the interest of universal human understanding, does it not behoove us to let these cultural relics remain in their homelands and thus serve as an educational tool for the people indigenous to these regions while also providing incentive for people from abroad to visit in order to learn about the history of human societal development on a more comprehensive scale?
Let us step away from our white tower and recognize that cultures well in advance of Europe and the USA existed before the supposed primacy of Mediterranean cultures from which grew what we know today as “The West.” The societal and governmental struggles that we deal with now are not new, only new to us, and if we can look beyond the divisive tropes of the 19th and 20th centuries and learn from our ancestors, yes ‘OUR’ even as I speak in the context of west vs east, we, as a species, could progress as we have never done before. History is valuable, but should be held and regarded outside of hierarchy and therefore traditional value judgements. It is wholly subjective (history is written by the victors), however we possess the ability to learn from not only what remains, but what we can infer that does not remain, and draw conclusions based on the discrepancies.
Good luck with your art party. I hope all the rich people enjoy drinking around the death throws of western imperialism

poetry|詩 |錦豪 (@xie.jin.hao)
xie.jin.hao23.02.2019 22:02:03

I like how they “found” meaning stolen... lol

Miguel Casillas (@mcasillasv)
mcasillasv23.02.2019 00:59:00

@javicici7  family

Zmochaian (@zmochaian)
zmochaian22.02.2019 23:47:36


Leda Chiressi (@leda_cignobianco)
leda_cignobianco22.02.2019 18:17:06

I am reading"foreigns devil on the Silk Road" very interesting and goes along with this interesting manufacturing

FV🦋 (@florventurino)
florventurino22.02.2019 18:04:05


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