This statue of the Buddha was made in the 2nd–3rd century in Gandhara – a historical region covering modern-day north-western Pakistan and eastern Afg - British Museum (@britishmuseum)
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David Silva (@daalsasi)
daalsasi21.02.2019 18:19:30

Give them back!

Bikramjit Biswas (@bikramjitbiswas)
bikramjitbiswas21.02.2019 17:35:01

so give them back to where it came from- thieves market british museum

flaneurite21.02.2019 19:46:30

Now return them to their homes, please.

darkroom_vampire (@darkroom_vampire)
darkroom_vampire21.02.2019 18:04:11

As sad as it is to say this but this statue is saved because it is not in Gandhara but in the British Museum.

Linda Jenkins (@ljtrouble65)
ljtrouble6521.02.2019 17:38:06


Violeta Morosoli (@violetamorosoli)
violetamorosoli21.02.2019 17:34:43


Casa Millefiori (@casa_millefiori)
casa_millefiori21.02.2019 18:29:43

So beautiful!

Rima Fujita (@rimafujita)
rimafujita21.02.2019 18:19:56

My fav part of the museum! ✨🙏✨

FV🦋 (@florventurino)
florventurino21.02.2019 17:29:52


Tülay Kara (@tulay.k.tulay)
tulay.k.tulay21.02.2019 17:28:10


Vidya (@vidya_vee)
vidya_vee22.02.2019 01:58:51

Times have changed. People's mood has changed. Time to stop announcing what spectacular art you have & which is not rightfully yours. Sorry, that's the first thought that comes to my mind when I see these pictures.

Mari Marcondes (@marimarcondes)
marimarcondes21.02.2019 19:22:37

Give them back already

Tosh (@toshmurf33)
toshmurf3321.02.2019 20:20:50

I think you should give them back. Nobody likes a thief

/\/\ /\ X (@max______cohen)
max______cohen21.02.2019 19:03:59


Federico Guevara (@feddy_g_)
feddy_g_22.02.2019 03:45:56

Thank you for preserving wonderful artifacts of world history for all humans to enjoy, when they otherwise would have been destroyed.

Durre-Sameen (
durresameen.art22.02.2019 03:05:43

Gautama Buddha’s statue gracefully displayed at the British Museum. Art preserved is true love of Art !! 🌹

Thomas Paletta (@calipatriot88)
calipatriot8822.02.2019 08:25:28

And here come all the insta activists crying about artifacts currently being preserved in this museum. They're not going back, so just be quiet and move on if you're so easily offended.

Sunethra Ranasinghe (@sunethra.ranasinghe.3)
sunethra.ranasinghe.321.02.2019 18:00:53

Sad we lost Tara.

Laura Salter (@lgcsalter)
lgcsalter21.02.2019 22:12:26

🙏🏼 thanks for sharing @yvonne_anon  can we go see???

Hannah Sjöblom (@hannahceciliasj)
hannahceciliasj23.02.2019 11:55:32

@stoj.sara  😘

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