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NoemiSagaAtelier (@noemisaga_atelier)
noemisaga_atelier15.05.2018 10:53:35


Zora Krakan (@zorakrakan)
zorakrakan14.05.2018 22:37:28


Antonello Germano (@anton_germano)
anton_germano14.05.2018 15:37:40


Ng Lung Wai (@nglungwai)
nglungwai15.05.2018 13:18:07


Mr Hender (@mick_hender2)
mick_hender214.05.2018 13:17:25

that´s very brittish!

Laura I.M.C. (@lauraimc)
lauraimc15.05.2018 06:55:00


Diana FranBec (@dianafranbec)
dianafranbec15.05.2018 01:42:45

@juanpipanic  mira!

Tânia Fagundes (@tania.fagundes)
tania.fagundes15.05.2018 15:00:16


Cleidia  Vieira Coutinho (@cleidiacoutinho)
cleidiacoutinho14.05.2018 13:29:42


Georges Bergès Gallery (NYC) (@georgesbergesgallery)
georgesbergesgallery14.05.2018 12:45:57


stephanie_elkoubi (@stephanie_elkoubi)
stephanie_elkoubi15.05.2018 11:15:38


sarah (@cranoogwen)
cranoogwen14.05.2018 17:08:47


Maria Pia Grange (@mariapia58)
mariapia5815.05.2018 17:21:14


Carlos Barreto (@carlitos_brown_blue)
carlitos_brown_blue14.05.2018 10:14:21

@javiviaw  adoro estos cuadros....tío...más adelante en tenemos que ponernos e intentar hacer alguno

Hisashi Miyao (@h_miyao)
h_miyao14.05.2018 12:28:23


Steven A $ A P (@s1ccmade)
s1ccmade18.05.2018 23:28:51


adrika175 (@adrika_the_nature_pilgrim)
adrika_the_nature_pilgrim15.05.2018 07:52:56


Narcotic (@artsnarcotic)
artsnarcotic15.05.2018 14:43:11


Bálint Polgár (@polgb91)
polgb9114.05.2018 12:25:59

I have a canvas print of "The great of Kanagawa" from this series on my wall. Oddly calming piece to look at.

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