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Renee Stengel Photography (@reneestengelphotography)
reneestengelphotography11.07.2019 14:23:05

I do too!! My journey has been long to get to this place. I am definitely in a place of crazy highs right now - but what many might not see is the many years of building behind the scenes that have led to this current success!!

Christina Holvey (@christinakessentials)
christinakessentials11.07.2019 14:32:38

To be 100% honest most days I feel like a fish out of water flailing around in search of water (my creative path). I love creating things, I just haven’t found what that one thing is that I can turn into a business yet. But I’m not going to lie, it’s fun trying and learning new things. So I’m also afraid I’ll get bored when I do figure out what works. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Chatone Morrison Content➕Coach (@realprincessofpositivity)
realprincessofpositivity11.07.2019 14:41:53

I simply can’t NOT create! When I was still in corporate learning and development and HR etc I would sit there reimagining how to make every single thing easier, more colorful, more joyful and daggone it more positive! Then I quit. 😂 Now I get to do exactly that as a Content and Delivery Strategist, writer and confidence coach. It’s hard! But good...hard! 😝

Personal Branding Photographer (@izahegedus)
izahegedus11.07.2019 16:10:17

I started because I was unsatisfied in my corporate position... follow the heart ❤️

The Hi Desert (@thehidesert)
thehidesert13.07.2019 20:43:45


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