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David KD Ghansa 🤴🏿 (@thekdway)
thekdway27.12.2018 17:32:40

Wolfpack 🐺

Rachel (@bantam_boxer)
bantam_boxer27.12.2018 20:05:55

I have the coolest dentist 🦷 @daps100 

Altesse Kyezu (@altesse_kyezu)
altesse_kyezu27.12.2018 19:07:13

Can't wait for you to headline O2 then maybe we get floor seats 😃👊🏾

londonboy_tattooer27.12.2018 21:38:30

Onwards and upwards boy 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Nas Jay Arian (نصیر) (@officialnasarian)
officialnasarian27.12.2018 19:53:49

Takeover pending 🙏🏻

Ryan Hobbs (@synthkid)
synthkid27.12.2018 19:49:31

❤ Proud 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🥊

Food fusion Nutrition LTD (@foodfusion2015)
foodfusion201527.12.2018 19:43:35


Deborah✨ (@deebsxoxo)
deebsxoxo27.12.2018 19:32:49


Abass Baraou 🇹🇬 (@69b__)
69b__27.12.2018 19:11:14


Pro Beez (@pro_beez)
pro_beez27.12.2018 18:49:57

Coming for 2019 like 🔥

Hulky👊🏽Ambition Is Priceless💯 (@hulky_100)
hulky_10027.12.2018 18:43:33


UncleT (@uncletboxing)
uncletboxing27.12.2018 18:12:31

Different ye'

NEXT FIGHT FEB 16th (@masonsmith96_)
masonsmith96_27.12.2018 18:01:18

JB 🥊

Beezy Blackmoney (@ashtown_blood_cr_certy)
ashtown_blood_cr_certy27.12.2018 17:44:10


ckinspire (@ckinspire_)
ckinspire_27.12.2018 17:39:04


Duane 'HotShot' Sinclair (@hotshotsinclair)
hotshotsinclair27.12.2018 19:09:16

🗣Look at the strennnnnngth!

Mawuse (@minimawuse)
minimawuse27.12.2018 19:40:13

@x_kam_x  SHANE! I see you

Anth Hardy (@anthhardy11)
anthhardy1127.12.2018 18:50:40

@adammchugh25  gloves are too fresh, need me a pair son! 😝

Deej (@djgametime88)
djgametime8827.12.2018 18:19:43

Oh u a fan now babe 😂⚡️🤷🏽‍♂️🖤 @fayemcg 

Ines Camilia Tazi (@taziines)
taziines27.12.2018 18:18:41

Why do we never include women in the entrance ? @suzanamariexd 

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