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Ryan Cuthbert (@ryan_cuthbert_99)
ryan_cuthbert_9919.12.2018 22:48:34

You got this man 🥊 🏆

KOMBO_CN1 🦍 (@kombo_cn1)
kombo_cn120.12.2018 11:16:50

U got this bro 💯👌🏾✨✨😎 @boxingbuatsi 

誤解されました‼️♉️ (@ashtheboxer)
ashtheboxer20.12.2018 16:59:40

Got this in the bag💯🥊

Barry  Simms (@bouviersimms)
bouviersimms20.12.2018 18:58:54

Eubank beat this guy a couple of yrs ago

Layback THOUGHT (@laybackthought)
laybackthought20.12.2018 19:43:35


Jabran Khan (@jabransuperkhan)
jabransuperkhan20.12.2018 20:09:36


#Stillmujjin🌍✨  #RyderGang🌏✨ (@sj_7up)
sj_7up20.12.2018 20:30:56


🤴🏽KingAsaad🦁 “higher thinking” (@notherstyle)
notherstyle20.12.2018 22:42:25

Best wishes champ ❗️💪🏽💯

Lola Halle (@h.cuban)
h.cuban20.12.2018 22:44:48

2 hands 2 legs - win at any cost 👏🏾 🔥

190836 (@19.083697)
19.08369720.12.2018 22:51:33

You got this trust me

Lee Moorcroft (@leeroy.moorcroft)
leeroy.moorcroft20.12.2018 23:18:09

Josh buatsi josh kelly josh Taylor and Anthony Joshua use joshes rule British boxing 🇬🇧🥊

PithySwooshGod Bodhi (@pithyswooshgod)
pithyswooshgod21.12.2018 00:16:04

Your Utmost Immense Infinite Monumental Brilliance Your Trajectory Outta This Galaxy Omniscient Mastery Your Goddestry Sei It Like Artistry.~SwooshGod

Ernest Simons (@ernestsimons)
ernestsimons21.12.2018 11:30:25

Come onnnnnnn

Brighton (@dannyh_u)
dannyh_u21.12.2018 12:56:20


Aish • (@aish_oxo)
aish_oxo22.12.2018 21:54:54

Rooting for you bro’❤️

Marnie Kay (@marnie.kay)
marnie.kay23.12.2018 09:22:03

Just watched this fight... you were such a gentleman - caring for your opponent and holding him up with you!! Amazing sportsmanship 🙏🏼

liv ❤️🤞 (@liv_aspi10)
liv_aspi1023.12.2018 10:16:20


ms_rs2124.12.2018 09:58:58

So proud of you. 🙌🏾

seid.agdamli_official (@seid.agdamli_official)
seid.agdamli_official04.01.2019 07:05:42

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