Close encounters with a new kind of electric mobility. The #BMW Concept #iX3. #BMWi - BMW i. Born Electric. (@bmwi)
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Energy Quotient India (@energy_quotient)
energy_quotient09.01.2019 03:47:12

@bmwi  do you have a presence in India? And if you do then can we try out your models here in India?

Monty Agland (@montyagland1)
montyagland108.01.2019 22:47:54

What size electric motor will it have?

xBraulioGx (@braulioxx)
braulioxx08.01.2019 22:07:00

@bmwi  it’s a nice looking car

Marl (@marl25flow)
marl25flow08.01.2019 18:32:52

when is it launching?

Aarat P Chopra (@aaratpchopra)
aaratpchopra08.01.2019 17:52:16

Is this hybrid

top.zone08.01.2019 16:57:18

Wow 😎 Is this a real picture or a rendering? 🤔

Durim Paçarizi (@durim.pacarizi)
durim.pacarizi08.01.2019 16:04:36

Color?? 💙❤️

hsieh.hsiang.yuan08.01.2019 16:25:12


Saurabh Dange (@dange975)
dange97508.01.2019 16:19:03


Aswin 🔵 (@aswin_7777)
aswin_777708.01.2019 16:00:14


Johnny Coast (@johnnycoast)
johnnycoast10.01.2019 23:11:31

Huge KIA grille.

turatova__ (@turatova.01)
turatova.0110.01.2019 19:26:57


Toseef Tariq (@touseeftariq044)
touseeftariq04410.01.2019 17:51:41


Toseef Tariq (@touseeftariq044)
touseeftariq04410.01.2019 17:51:40


Toseef Tariq (@touseeftariq044)
touseeftariq04410.01.2019 17:51:39


Toseef Tariq (@touseeftariq044)
touseeftariq04410.01.2019 17:51:38

Beautiful generation

دانيال (@d4ni3lv1lel4)
d4ni3lv1lel409.01.2019 15:31:53

My car do 10.0 litre 🤔😖

دانيال (@d4ni3lv1lel4)
d4ni3lv1lel409.01.2019 15:31:15


gondi_fpv09.01.2019 13:46:29

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Plabluzzo28 (@rag.pietrolabruzzo)
rag.pietrolabruzzo09.01.2019 11:29:03

Good morning ti you da pietrofalcolabruzzo end buona giornata a tutti voi amici

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