Charging ahead on a new path forward. The new #BMWi3. #BMWi 
BMW i3 (120 Ah): Energy consumption in kWh/100km (combined): 13.1. Fuel consumption in - BMW i. Born Electric. (@bmwi)
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thabangkgatle (@the_original_seleka)
the_original_seleka04.01.2019 00:06:29

@bmwi  what is the range of the batteries of the i3?

intrepid_one02.01.2019 16:22:01

I have a 2014 i3. Are you working on an way to upgrade the battery 🔋 packs in the older models to extend their range? @bmwi  #bmwi  #bmwi3 

Valerie (@barvinskiy_val)
barvinskiy_val07.01.2019 13:28:35


manjit kaur (@manjit4188)
manjit418805.01.2019 04:07:47

Very nice

fewips (@electricfewips)
electricfewips04.01.2019 10:17:53

Beauty! 💫

Ozan Özgen (@ozan.ozgen.1481)
ozan.ozgen.148103.01.2019 12:28:46

dont start to produce

Ozan Özgen (@ozan.ozgen.1481)
ozan.ozgen.148103.01.2019 12:28:20

Dont do that

Drive Women (@drive.women)
drive.women03.01.2019 07:11:56


Chrsitophe Gervais (@christophe13601)
christophe1360103.01.2019 07:05:18


ابو الكايد (@mahmood_bsharat)
mahmood_bsharat03.01.2019 03:19:09


hoatza03.01.2019 02:18:35


Marcel Den Butter (@lecramredup)
lecramredup02.01.2019 23:01:22

I got my 120 Ah i3 last week, with sport package, and I love it (after 4.5 yrs driving a i3 rex)

Spa for Cars ... (@protech_tanger_officiel)
protech_tanger_officiel02.01.2019 19:27:31

Nice one !
Come check our SPA for CAR !

Federico Risi (@iamfedericorisi)
iamfedericorisi02.01.2019 17:48:16


Reza Hashemi 💎 (@auto_hashemi)
auto_hashemi02.01.2019 17:42:38

Excellent 😘👌

y.najjarzadeh97 (@y.najjarzadeh9)
y.najjarzadeh902.01.2019 17:04:41


NASIRY (@saeed_nasiry77)
saeed_nasiry7702.01.2019 16:27:25


Saurabh Dange (@dange975)
dange97502.01.2019 16:21:24


michael.toujours02.01.2019 16:05:22


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arminvanbuurenfan199703.01.2019 11:24:53

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