Strike out on a new path forward. The #BMW Concept #iX3. - BMW i. Born Electric. (@bmwi)
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Nikolas Schefold (@nik_schefold)
nik_schefold30.12.2018 16:04:40

The question is more for when?

Reza Hashemi 💎 (@auto_hashemi)
auto_hashemi30.12.2018 22:13:14

Excellent 😘👌

Tuggyboy (@tuggyboy_x4)
tuggyboy_x430.12.2018 20:01:13


Maurice Schrijnemakers (@maurice_schr)
maurice_schr30.12.2018 18:08:04

I strongly recommend BMW to start communicate some rough data. My X5 is up for renewal and I am not keep waiting.... Audi is coming soon. Currently BMW has no alternative ...

Andreia Camatta Catelan (@andreiacamattac)
andreiacamattac04.01.2019 16:38:02

Eu quero um 😂😍😍❤️❤️

☤     sᴜᴘʀᴇᴍᴇ    🦁 (@nat_re2019)
nat_re201902.01.2019 08:40:02


Mauricio Fernandes (@mauriciofernandes1911)
mauriciofernandes191101.01.2019 04:10:28


mattia (@mattiafala1)
mattiafala131.12.2018 13:43:44


RUFAT ! All My Concept (@rufat.angel)
rufat.angel31.12.2018 11:51:41

Look 👀 my new concept

CEM® (@chadyelimattar)
chadyelimattar31.12.2018 11:16:44

Unbelievable how after the mini electric, the activE, the i3, bmw is sooooo begins on electric cars! I’d have fired the entire executive team

Gustavo Godinho (@cgsgodinho)
cgsgodinho31.12.2018 05:08:44


Надежда Урванцева (@schastye_ryadom60)
schastye_ryadom6031.12.2018 00:06:44

Где же ты - моя ласточка - BMW! Хочу что бы ты стал моим!

Amir abukura (@amir_aboukoura)
amir_aboukoura30.12.2018 19:20:30

It looks way better than an i3

Maurice Schrijnemakers (@maurice_schr)
maurice_schr30.12.2018 18:05:15

My X 5 is up for renewal.

Spa for Cars ... (@protech_tanger_officiel)
protech_tanger_officiel30.12.2018 17:42:46

Nice one !
Come check our SPA for CAR !

Farhad💞Hossain (@avoid_farhad)
avoid_farhad30.12.2018 17:06:51

My dream 😍

Saurabh Dange (@dange975)
dange97530.12.2018 16:23:26

This is amazing

BMW 4 EVER (@i_love_bmw.1)
i_love_bmw.130.12.2018 16:17:13


michael.toujours30.12.2018 16:01:28


sch und da und meinem hund pp (@sch_und_da)
sch_und_da31.12.2018 10:05:52


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