2020 will bring the first ever fully ELECTRIC BMW SUV - The iX3. 
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ajr (@ajude10)
ajude1005.01.2019 19:01:43

What happened to the grill?? 👎🏻👎🏻

Fares Contracting (@faresaawar)
faresaawar05.01.2019 20:17:13

Best kia ever 😜

Kyle (@mr_seesk)
mr_seesk05.01.2019 19:56:35

I just don’t understand why they didn’t build it in Spartanburg instead of China!

MMKMM (@mmkmmku)
mmkmmku05.01.2019 18:56:35


Edo Popken (@edoi8project)
edoi8project07.01.2019 07:08:07

It’s based on the X1

Léo Clemente (@clementeleo13)
clementeleo1306.01.2019 18:38:30


Ibrahim Abdallah 👁️‍🗨️ (@1brahim93)
1brahim9306.01.2019 16:54:58


((Lahijan 🏡Tehran)) (@mohammad_geraminezhad)
mohammad_geraminezhad06.01.2019 08:15:51


Dan Kim (@danniexi)
danniexi06.01.2019 04:25:03

the perfect daily.

Tyler Goelz (@tgoelz001)
tgoelz00106.01.2019 03:31:36

No Thank you! Not my BMW

Jøhn I. C. Gømes (@john_ic_gomes)
john_ic_gomes06.01.2019 01:06:24

All new electric BMW, designed by Kia!

tirta (@tirtasig)
tirtasig05.01.2019 19:47:37


biloulou67 (@biloulou67)
biloulou6705.01.2019 19:36:11

I'm waiting make a road test and know the real price

Luis P Piñón (@i.amlouee)
i.amlouee05.01.2019 19:15:13

Technically we don't do SUV we do SAV!

BMW MTOWN (@bmwmtown)
bmwmtown05.01.2019 19:16:07


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