Feel the living nature around you.
The BMW Z4.
#BMWrepost @guy_in_the_bmw
#BMW #Z4 #freedom #nature #newhorizons #MPower #DrivingPerformance #performa - BMW (@bmw)
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Đâlâ Brať👑😜 (@m1h14)
m1h1423.06.2019 13:09:50

How many hp does it have and wich motor? Is it v8?

Borna Karačić (@bornakaracic)
bornakaracic15.06.2019 06:31:21

What is the best pack with BMW 4 series you have. I'm asking for your opinion not others. And if you could give me information about the top speed and 0-60 time about it.

Lavie (@rchcfam)
rchcfam15.06.2019 02:45:16

Where is BMW ia

Victoria 👠 (@victoriaeel)
victoriaeel14.06.2019 03:39:29

Who designed this Zed?

Nancy (@nancybinspired)
nancybinspired13.06.2019 17:42:03

I would like a ride in that car please.

Adrian Ionescu (@adiiaditzu)
adiiaditzu13.06.2019 17:28:13

Change with vw golf 5? 😂😂

Ian (@ian_deti7)
ian_deti713.06.2019 14:53:02

Top speed and 0-60?

Bože Zelić (@_bo.ze_)
_bo.ze_13.06.2019 14:16:58

Price in euros?

Halil İbrahim 🎭 (@halilibrahim_069)
halilibrahim_06913.06.2019 13:46:21


Cihan (@cihan.alst55)
cihan.alst5513.06.2019 13:45:28


SINA (@sina_faghanporganji)
sina_faghanporganji13.06.2019 13:08:11

How much this car in spain🤔

Mihnea Miches (@mihneamiches)
mihneamiches13.06.2019 11:53:57

Is a dual clutch ever coming?

Osman Abdallah (@osmabdallah)
osmabdallah13.06.2019 10:47:04


Alpha... (@kingandrew_007)
kingandrew_00713.06.2019 10:05:07


__mohammed_anzam__ (@__anzam_1177__)
__anzam_1177__13.06.2019 09:45:30

730 ld is know as 7 series??

Maan (@maan.262007)
maan.26200713.06.2019 09:36:20

Can I get in free

ϤЦらЦF FЦ尺ҚΛЛ (@ysfurkan55)
ysfurkan5513.06.2019 09:05:26


Morgan Hellen (@morganrhellen)
morganrhellen13.06.2019 09:04:57

Guys, I’ve been trying to talk to someone regarding my car but getting nowhere.
My car went into cooper bmw Reading for a recall last week. They completed one recall but told me that as the car wouldn’t start they couldn’t do the second recall. I thought the recall issue was maybe causing the car not to start, which was a symptom in the letter I received.

They told me they would need to pay £99 for a diagnostic test and then the repairs or have the car towed away at my expense.
Both costly options, that had I known about prior to you guys taking my car I would never have allowed it to go.

Now after not being able to get a helpful answer from BMW I am told they charge £25 per day for storage of my car!? So three options all at my expense due to a recall fault with the car. BMW were more than happy to tow my car to the garage but now they won’t return it.

What am I supposed to do?

Zhora Baravik (@zhorikm6)
zhorikm613.06.2019 08:45:34

0-100,max speed no limit

Abdul Yafis (@abd.yafis)
abd.yafis13.06.2019 08:30:49

Top speed?

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