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Carlene Catanzariti (@carlenecatanz)
carlenecatanz19.06.2019 04:59:15

Do not buy one, I have had my new 3 series for one month and BMW have a issue with the new 3 series Drive connect and anything that uses the server for live feeds like weather and live map updates. They don't know how to fix this, so hold off buying a new 3 series till they can deliver on what they advertise this car is meant to do. It can't even do what the old 3 series could do.

ronit roy (@ronit3507)
ronit350717.06.2019 08:42:21


𝓗ü𝓼𝓮𝔂𝓲𝓷 𝓑𝓪ş𝓴𝓪𝓷 (@huseyin.bskn42)
huseyin.bskn4216.06.2019 23:23:23


Alberto (@minguzz)
minguzz14.06.2019 21:40:04

What grey is this? classic metallic gray or dravit

Ajay Malik (@ajay.malik.3979)
ajay.malik.397914.06.2019 12:56:28

Is it coming to India????

Antoan Tomson (@realbiganthony)
realbiganthony14.06.2019 08:22:14

Is it 4x4 vehicle or not, thanks for answer

李志彬 (@zhibinlilee)
zhibinlilee14.06.2019 07:24:22

when is it gonna be selling in China?

Christian Mowe (@christian_mowe)
christian_mowe14.06.2019 04:50:33

Welche Farbe ist auf den Fotos dargestellt?

Corey Potoniec (@cpotoniec)
cpotoniec14.06.2019 04:29:35

Can you sell it in the US with a manual? You’ll sell at least one.

Phone Stolen (@a.purin.9.7)
a.purin.9.714.06.2019 03:15:33

It's only available in Europe as of now, right? Will it be coming to other markets?

David Samarsky (@samarskyboss)
samarskyboss14.06.2019 02:44:04

Can’t believe the 3 series NO longer comes with a Manual option😢 BMW handed in a man card and lost a bit of my respect😮 love how it looks though!🔥#nomoremanual3series 

Youssef Mohamed (@ymoh_____)
ymoh_____13.06.2019 21:14:03

Is it available in cairo?

S O L O 🥀 (@izzaro_fahanaz_)
izzaro_fahanaz_13.06.2019 20:57:01

could you please join me in your company ??

grandblues13.06.2019 20:45:48

Is this available in USA?

grandblues13.06.2019 20:36:43

Is this available in USA?

Ben B (@benbaner)
benbaner13.06.2019 18:37:59

BMW friends be assertive. Find out and let me know if M3 touring will be made?

Laurens Van Ingelgem (@laurens.vaningelgem)
laurens.vaningelgem13.06.2019 17:54:45

Will an m3 touring be Made ?

yuvraj singh yadav (@deshraj504)
deshraj50413.06.2019 15:25:25

When will this sires came to india.

Moritz (@moritz_3005)
moritz_300513.06.2019 14:55:06

Hat der Bmw Vorderrad- oder Hinterradantrieb ?

DY (@dmoney8341)
dmoney834113.06.2019 14:35:11

Very nice. Does the 5 have a similar GT coming out? Are 3 rows of seating available as an option?

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