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Luca Zeraj (@lucazeraj)
lucazeraj19.01.2019 22:26:28

0-100 km?

Gideon Vest (@gidster122)
gidster12218.01.2019 19:06:49

Can it withstand bullets?

Gideon Vest (@gidster122)
gidster12218.01.2019 19:04:42

My third and final question is, does it have USB ports, auxiliary cord jacks, and ports for phone car chargers?

Gideon Vest (@gidster122)
gidster12218.01.2019 19:01:59

My second question is, does it have heated and air conditioning seats in all seats?

Gideon Vest (@gidster122)
gidster12218.01.2019 18:50:53

I have a couple questions. First off what colors do they come in.

Raymond J (@american_car_nation)
american_car_nation14.01.2019 14:03:17

Is it just AWD or is there a RWD variant

Ntabemohapi (@ntabemohapi)
ntabemohapi14.01.2019 12:18:03

How much

Tarek Shalabi (@tarek.shalabi.official)
tarek.shalabi.official14.01.2019 10:23:34

Does it have turn signal indicators?

Navneet Sohi (@sohinavneet31)
sohinavneet3114.01.2019 07:10:13

What is the price?

Leonardo🐅 (@leoirving_)
leoirving_14.01.2019 06:37:20

Does it have a cup holder?

Ÿoussef Alaswed (@y18f290)
y18f29014.01.2019 06:27:23

How much for it

🇯🇴🇸🇾 (@ghazi.si)
ghazi.si14.01.2019 05:29:36

Can I get it for free

Lilli ~21~ (@xxlilliluxx)
xxlilliluxx13.01.2019 21:49:26

Can I get this car for free? 🤤🔥🔥🔥

BMW X5 F15 (@spacegrey_x5)
spacegrey_x513.01.2019 21:39:08

Do you like my BMW X5 M40 ? @bmw 

Liva Bloch (@liva.emilie)
liva.emilie13.01.2019 21:12:06

Is there BMW M5 diesel Fuel??

m.a.s.o.n.d13.01.2019 20:55:57

Xbox or PS4?

Hussain (@hussainmalak)
hussainmalak13.01.2019 20:47:12


Raoni Almeida (@ra_aalmeida)
ra_aalmeida13.01.2019 17:31:40

Where is?

Naman Chauhan (@chauhan.14)
chauhan.1413.01.2019 17:30:43

Does it have an electronic parking brake? No stick handbrakes?

Milosh Acimovic (@milosh.a64)
milosh.a6413.01.2019 13:42:06

Can there be more red accents in the car?

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