A force to be reckoned with. The BMW Z4 M40i. 
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BMW Z4 M40i: fuel consumption (combined): 7.4-7.1 l/100 km; CO2 emissions (combined): 168- - BMW (@bmw)
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Akshay Keni (@petrolheadsparadise)
petrolheadsparadise14.01.2019 09:32:00

When can we expect the new Z4 to come in India?

Garrett Sinclair (@garrettsinclair)
garrettsinclair13.01.2019 19:16:59

Any chance you all can ditch the ridiculous monikers? How about just Z4?

~enisedemirsoy🍃 (@_enisedmrsy)
_enisedmrsy13.01.2019 10:00:09

Ist er in Deutschland hergestellt worden?

🥂 (@_deevoiran_)
_deevoiran_13.01.2019 09:16:23

Wie viel Kostet er?

Andrew Berryann (@themostinterestingmandrew)
themostinterestingmandrew13.01.2019 04:12:17

Please tell me you will be making a hardtop coupe version. Long live the #clownshoe! 

Juan felipe (@juanfmck10)
juanfmck1013.01.2019 01:54:12


Arlind'Basha (@arlindbasha)
arlindbasha13.01.2019 00:11:11

What year is this Z4🔥

Matthias H. Layher (@privat_bankier)
privat_bankier12.01.2019 22:29:15

Looks japanese, not bavarian. Is this really a BMW?

Azal Hosseinian (@__.azal.__hsn)
__.azal.__hsn12.01.2019 22:24:06

i want her free😢😢😅

Axel Franco (@lz.franco.3)
lz.franco.312.01.2019 21:25:44

Congratulations for the z4 model but what is the price?

marckyjay12.01.2019 18:37:53

In which movie did the E46 M3 appear in?

Si, me llamo Pedro (@pelaalvarez)
pelaalvarez12.01.2019 18:14:26

Engine? Hp etcetera

I Am Austin Palmer (@im_palmer_)
im_palmer_12.01.2019 17:47:22

Is the B58 in there

Jon I (@jonisaacs24)
jonisaacs2412.01.2019 17:32:49

Why is BMW moving away from manual transmissions? The inevitable push towards hybrid/electric?

Bryan Brue (@bryanbrue)
bryanbrue12.01.2019 16:56:46

How much? I want one

PRESTON DEAN (@whydidyoufollowmehmm)
whydidyoufollowmehmm12.01.2019 16:49:35

@bmw  will this be available for purchase in the United States?

Daniel Ro (@mrtonid)
mrtonid12.01.2019 16:47:26

Kommt noch ein echter M?

Yaser AITB.K🇲🇦🇪🇸🇨🇰🇫🇷🐲🐺 (@lesvisionsdeyaser)
lesvisionsdeyaser12.01.2019 16:18:43

Can the Z4 have an more affordable version?

Tom Sarl (@tommysarl)
tommysarl12.01.2019 16:03:45

UK 🇬🇧 performance stats?

Keny G. (@kenygian)
kenygian12.01.2019 15:59:02

Hey @bmw  I'm curious on how many times a day do you get asked for free cars?

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