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kvng_tee (@2x.kingg)
2x.kingg18.01.2019 16:36:47

When will further information about this fantastic car be revealed 😎 @bmw 

kvng_tee (@2x.kingg)
2x.kingg18.01.2019 15:28:46

So u can’t drive it?it has to drive its self🤔 @bmw 

Tom the kiid (@tomkiid)
tomkiid18.01.2019 03:10:56

Can it transform?

mik.xs16.01.2019 21:44:59

In the centre console I can also iron my clothes?

Manmeet (@manmeet_nm)
manmeet_nm15.01.2019 18:32:22

How much is it

💧 (@dovrei_smetterla)
dovrei_smetterla15.01.2019 11:03:56

This car fly?

Slava Belopolski (@slava.foto)
slava.foto15.01.2019 10:01:08

@bmw  is it a working prototype?

H2C🏴 (@adhurimbashaa)
adhurimbashaa14.01.2019 00:55:26

Tell me about the price ?

Finley Eisenegger (@finley_e2005)
finley_e200513.01.2019 23:19:30

Who has designed this model it looks quite appealing?

Anmol Arora (@p_sanmol_m)
p_sanmol_m13.01.2019 17:59:29

When will it come out? Will it be safe if a crash happens?

private (@lucas_rpriv)
lucas_rpriv13.01.2019 16:51:15

How the fuck the steering wheel connected it look like its floating

Al (@m_alastair)
m_alastair13.01.2019 14:36:08

Why is there an ironing board between the two front seats?

🔥😈Kostas👿🔥 (@_kougioumoutzis_14k)
_kougioumoutzis_14k13.01.2019 11:40:14

Is it strong if a crash happens?

Chris Brownlee (@chrisholcar32)
chrisholcar3213.01.2019 11:36:57

The interior looks cool. The seats remind me of victorian furniture, do they have adjustable features or are they fixed in position?

Wassim. (@wassim95s)
wassim95s13.01.2019 11:26:10

Are all BMW autonomous concept cars 100% Electric... And if you dont mind me asking does it use CAN Bus or FlexRay..thank you

MICHU (@lipka0911)
lipka091113.01.2019 10:01:32

what will be the battery range?

Christoph Theodor (@cryst478)
cryst47813.01.2019 09:10:32

Sogar mit Bügelbrett als Mittelkonsole, Mega!

brandonolarsch13.01.2019 08:36:49

Is this gonna be an actual thing

Dilkash Toor (@dilkashtoor_001)
dilkashtoor_00113.01.2019 08:24:57

when it will launch in india?

Pranav (@pranavtexer)
pranavtexer13.01.2019 07:15:31

Give me a free car

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