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Judy Martinezz (@judymartinezz02)
judymartinezz0219.01.2019 13:39:57

Top speed 😎

Sheikh Mohammed Mashreef (@mashreef20)
mashreef2016.01.2019 14:28:57

What a car wonderful what is the price

黄武狄 (@huangwudi3)
huangwudi315.01.2019 18:35:53


💣🎅💣 (@_kol0kol_)
_kol0kol_15.01.2019 14:48:19

Top speed?

✨Mehena✨ (@mehenamia)
mehenamia15.01.2019 12:52:53

When can I come see this car? I love it ! And I’m very interested

Akbar_N (@saloxiddinovich1309)
saloxiddinovich130914.01.2019 15:33:57

When this car and i8 will come to Uzbekistan ????

angam (@loveman_aki)
loveman_aki14.01.2019 02:23:38

How much money you is asking. I give installment only. That also I am driving taxi¿ Nah...

Thomas AKA Rabbit     21 (@thomas.mamu.50)
thomas.mamu.5014.01.2019 01:50:59

What the power on the M8 gran Coupé has. And that’s a beautiful concept car I will buy in a future.

B.I.G Red (@readysetdoberman)
readysetdoberman13.01.2019 11:56:58

@bmw  this color specifically is the color I’d like to know about !

Galahad (@galahad702)
galahad70213.01.2019 02:45:12

What kinds of colors could choose?

REECE RICH (@lordpython_)
lordpython_12.01.2019 21:13:13

Does it have a spare backuo tyre?

Kavthepanda (@kavthepanda101)
kavthepanda10112.01.2019 17:44:17

Isn't this the car with the touchscreen key I have always wanted this car

calvinritter (@rittercalvin02)
rittercalvin0212.01.2019 17:43:58

Which Motor will be under that hood?🤔

Eduardo 🇲🇽 (@3d.uard0_)
3d.uard0_12.01.2019 17:21:56


GodworksDetailing (@godworksdetailing)
godworksdetailing12.01.2019 16:44:27

I need those 3xacr model but in a coupe version when is production starting??

Joshua Royer (@_lil_fishnugget)
_lil_fishnugget12.01.2019 16:29:34

Wowowowowowowowowowowow what’s the accel

Luca/N👫🏻 (@luca.schwandner)
luca.schwandner12.01.2019 15:49:24

When comes the bmw m8 on the market?

Mr. Peachy's Faithful Servants (@cozyrevery)
cozyrevery12.01.2019 13:42:27

What color is that one? Would love a green car :)

_fin.miller_12.01.2019 13:38:49

I enjoy the colour scheme of it. Will you post some interior shots¿ @bmw 

🐰✨IcHik0 w0nG✨👸 (@aiyoyo_ichiko)
aiyoyo_ichiko12.01.2019 12:58:24

May I know what’s this Color name ?

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