The right balance between sportiness and comfort. The all-new BMW 3 Series Sedan.
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Michael Aquino (@mpaquino84)
mpaquino8419.01.2019 21:31:13

When will the M340 be available in North America?

RD Cars 🇧🇷🇺🇸 (
rd.cars16.01.2019 21:25:24

What are the engine specs and power on the M versions?

Jolie Khuo (@jelly9811)
jelly981114.01.2019 07:07:59

When will come in China?

Dan (@o_daniel_m)
o_daniel_m13.01.2019 23:44:10

What’s the ground clearance for this new model?

Atif Shaikh (@shaikhatif_)
shaikhatif_13.01.2019 14:20:06

When will come bmw 3 series in india?

Erdinç Çelebi (@erdincelebi28)
erdincelebi2812.01.2019 17:17:01

When will come 2019 bmw3 serius in Turkey? The bmw3 what motor and what horsepower ?

Fahad (@_mc_fahad_)
_mc_fahad_12.01.2019 12:01:25

@bmw  what about the car audio system

Torben Thomsen (@torbenthomsen)
torbenthomsen12.01.2019 11:51:34

@bmw  will this be available as 330e everywhere, somewhere or have you stopped production of this line?

james___owen___12.01.2019 11:27:11

When will this car available in Indonesia? @bmw 

Ashwin Roy (@ashyroy90)
ashyroy9012.01.2019 10:30:08

When will the Estoril blue colour be available in the UK? It currently isn’t an option to select on the website

Pranav Hegde (@pranavf1_44)
pranavf1_4412.01.2019 02:39:57

Why your autonomous parking feature is available fir Android only and you doesn't offer Android Auto support?

.  🇺🇸🏁🇮🇹  . (@oemplus)
oemplus11.01.2019 22:45:21

You’ve answered me once before but I keep reading articles stating "The sport automatic [transmission] is standard on both 330i/xi and M340i/xi models," a BMW spokesperson confirmed to Roadshow in an email. "At this time there are NO plans to offer a MANUAL Transmission for these models.” — is this true?! In the USA?!

brandonecom__11.01.2019 22:09:20

When will the 4 series coupe be revamped?

ridi82711.01.2019 21:08:08

And when will it arrive in RSA

ahmedkhaled (@ahmedkhaledaz)
ahmedkhaledaz11.01.2019 20:43:11

when will be the release date in middle east ?

Rizos Maldad (@rizos_maldad)
rizos_maldad11.01.2019 20:08:05

When’s the BMW M340i in Mexico?

Maxi Engel (@engel.mvx1)
engel.mvx111.01.2019 19:34:54

Will it be a M340i or a 340i 👍?

Maria Tran (@mariatran011)
mariatran01111.01.2019 17:54:32


Vinny Novelli (@vnovelli27)
vnovelli2711.01.2019 15:54:17

New M3 release in 2019?

akberov_r11.01.2019 14:44:40

And what about sound system?

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