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soc.noor16.01.2019 10:49:25

Can I get a BMW X5 and how much is it worth if it is to Iraq? My greetings for all of you

boby (@kuldeepchinu)
kuldeepchinu12.01.2019 08:00:45

Plz give me one car bmw

TREVOR KAMUKAMA (@im_.trevor)
im_.trevor12.01.2019 07:50:26

where is the closest bmw dealer to tanzania?

Naveen john jacob (@naveenjohnjacob)
naveenjohnjacob11.01.2019 16:19:57

is it avaliable in metallic red

Tunza Fakih (@tunza_fakih)
tunza_fakih11.01.2019 15:27:21

do you have Bmw dealer in Tz🇹🇿 @bmw 

Zak Morton (@zmorton)
zmorton11.01.2019 15:13:24

Will sky lounge eventually be made available on the X5 in the US? Honest feedback, the lack of availability of this feature is making me hold on an X5 purchase at the moment.

Shantanu Gulati (@whip_nation1724)
whip_nation172411.01.2019 06:27:22

Is it possible yo retrofit a bigger idrive screen on a BMW?

Angel T. (@its_angel_t_official)
its_angel_t_official11.01.2019 03:39:57

@bmw  Specs?

Symon Bleasdale (@symonb89)
symonb8911.01.2019 00:47:12

X5M release?

Ankan Banerjee (@ankan.banerjee.work)
ankan.banerjee.work10.01.2019 23:15:13

When will the X5 launch in india? It looks very attractive.. Really look forward for a sheer driving pleasure 😍

Supercars.co.za Group PTY LTD (@supercars.co.za)
supercars.co.za10.01.2019 20:38:30

How can i receive one to review ?

Samson St.Germaine (@samson_st.g)
samson_st.g10.01.2019 20:08:19

@bmw  X5s are cool but when are we getting news about the M3s and M4s

L’homme Sans Nom (@lhommesans.nom)
lhommesans.nom10.01.2019 19:08:40

Bonjour est-ce que vous pouvez m’envoyer une photo d’un bmw x5 blindé mrc cordialement

Pablo Seijo (@pabloseijo43)
pabloseijo4310.01.2019 18:26:55

Nice car....any official date for the new versión #4seriesgrancoupe  ???

Valerii Kalina (@valerii.kalina)
valerii.kalina10.01.2019 17:22:03

What is the package? xLine?

Hannes (@hannes42.16)
hannes42.1610.01.2019 17:09:38

Ist it gonna be produced in South Africa like the X3 or only in Spartanburg?

서상만 (@seosangmanyolo)
seosangmanyolo10.01.2019 16:08:14

#bmw  Korea service fail#service  is terrible

Berat Dağdelen (@berat_dagdelen_)
berat_dagdelen_10.01.2019 15:27:56

It won’t come to Turkey?

محمد ارقم بن شاه الحميد (@muhammedh__arkam)
muhammedh__arkam10.01.2019 15:10:24

When launch in Sri Lanka

⚜️Eduardo Cuevas⚜️ (@lalo_cuevasd13)
lalo_cuevasd1310.01.2019 14:12:52

When is it available in USA

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