Have the world’s attention every time you drop the top. The BMW 4 Series Convertible.
#BMW #4Series. - BMW (@bmw)
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Rafael-City Morgue😈 (@rxffy._)
rxffy._11.01.2019 03:06:16

What the HP AND how much is going for

Will Barton (@will.barton1)
will.barton111.01.2019 02:25:02

What are the transmission options?

keko San (@khaled_san10)
khaled_san1010.01.2019 22:14:28

Can I have a free car plz I can't afford it

O Z A N İ B İ S (@ozanibs)
ozanibs10.01.2019 14:45:51

Don’t you think it’s time to refresh the 4 series? @bmw 

﷽دادگه ها خودئ تعالا ﷽ (@dadgaha_xode)
dadgaha_xode10.01.2019 08:29:25

Ich möchte mit dir sprechen @bmw 

V🗼VEK   GA🗼KWAD (@ignite_2493)
ignite_249310.01.2019 03:46:09

Can bmw come in hybrid cars

Т-86⚔ (@khugaev_official)
khugaev_official09.01.2019 23:26:44

Руль сколько стоит ?😂

Ciarán (@peacockciaran)
peacockciaran09.01.2019 23:01:30

@bmw  can you post an image of the 4 series Msport interior

angeeelizabeth (@angee_apunte)
angee_apunte09.01.2019 21:06:04

what is the cost?

💰BUDDAHMAN💰 (@417_buddahman)
417_buddahman09.01.2019 20:28:15

What sound system is in the new 4 series

Lord Yung Dagger Dick (@kamikazememelord)
kamikazememelord09.01.2019 18:23:16

Top speed?

Varun Malhotra (@varunmalhotra)
varunmalhotra09.01.2019 17:21:03

@bmw  will the 4 series convertible make to india ?

Svetlana Leschenko (@svelby)
svelby09.01.2019 16:05:35


Paul U. Laredo (@plareul)
plareul09.01.2019 14:55:11

Is the BMW social media team in Germany?

Davide R (@davidino619)
davidino61909.01.2019 14:05:02

Why BMW has always kept the air conditioning display separate from the rest of multimedia?

Bobby Pilon (@bobbypilon)
bobbypilon09.01.2019 13:48:16

just got a 440i and love it !

road and car (@driver.and.rider)
driver.and.rider09.01.2019 13:11:14

@bmw  is interior available in more colors....🤔?

Dinethra Wijerathne (@dinethra5)
dinethra509.01.2019 13:04:59

Is this soft top or hard top?

luwwie_v09.01.2019 13:02:24

Can I have a job at bmw ?

ge_guraieb09.01.2019 13:01:57

What is the maximun speed of the car @bmw 

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