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Brian Jair Hernandez Vite (@brianjairhernandez)
brianjairhernandez17.01.2019 16:19:20

Cuántos dólar o peso para carro?

❤Suban❤ (@firephoenixes)
firephoenixes13.01.2019 02:21:39

How many type of colors available for this car?

Aleron (@al.eronto)
al.eronto10.01.2019 00:46:32

Warum gibt es den 20i aktuell nicht mit xDrive? Wegen OPF?

SNAP eselmani768 (@edonisselmanii)
edonisselmanii09.01.2019 21:19:52

who design this car ! i think cause is amazing

Faris (@faris_tcak)
faris_tcak09.01.2019 20:29:39

Is there gonna be a X2 M ?

❤Suban❤ (@firephoenixes)
firephoenixes09.01.2019 20:13:44

What is the weight capacity?

Nick Firesheets (@nfsheets11)
nfsheets1109.01.2019 20:07:47

The new X2 is amazing! Love the looks and hope I get the chance to drive it

Arpan Kumar (@me_arpankr)
me_arpankr09.01.2019 17:13:04

What is its top speed and acceleration?

Mehran Subhan Yousafxai (@mehransubhan001)
mehransubhan00109.01.2019 14:58:48

Is it available in pakistan?

Res (@hi.res)
hi.res09.01.2019 14:44:04

Nothing compares to BMW X2? That’s nonsensical. How about the BMW X3?

💣🔥Ãndreãs Mãvrìdìs💣🔥 (@andreass_paoktsis)
andreass_paoktsis09.01.2019 13:33:19

Engine? Are there any more types of engines to put?

antonio_dordevic2762909.01.2019 12:50:34


Mikhail Singh (@mikhail_singh29)
mikhail_singh2909.01.2019 11:13:20

How much does it cost in rands?

Diler zadaća (@12dino07)
12dino0709.01.2019 11:01:32


Kalpit (@kalpitpandey)
kalpitpandey09.01.2019 09:47:06

Is it available in India?

Kajnath (@kajnathiscool2504)
kajnathiscool250409.01.2019 09:33:42

Is it available in Malaysia 🇲🇾?

Osama Al-Zahrani (@osaz7)
osaz709.01.2019 09:31:04

Where is this model assembled?

×Ðjäň×-™ (@djjan_djjan)
djjan_djjan09.01.2019 08:56:41


aya.qudahh09.01.2019 08:37:06

hi bmw,today is my birthday WHY DONT YOU GUYS GIVE ME MY DRAEM CAR AS GIFT FOR MY BIRTHDAY 😫😫😫😫😭😭😭😭😭😭

John Agbogun (@jayjay_sam)
jayjay_sam09.01.2019 08:07:12

Is this car also available now in Africa?

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